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Midlands Maidens
Nottingham Escorts

24 Hour Nottingham Escort Agency
Call Girls, Erotic Massage

a male-owned escort agency in
Nottingham, setting new standards
for your
elite VIP escorts’ experience

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Midlands Maidens
Nottingham Escorts

24 Hour Nottingham Escort Agency
Call Girls, Erotic Massage

a male-owned escorts agency in
Nottingham, setting new standards
for your elite VIP escorts’ experience


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 Latest News from the Nottingham Escorts Blog…

Midlands Maidens
24 Hour Nottingham Escorts Agency

Call Girls and Erotic Massage
for your VIP escorts experience

we promise you…

Real, un-photoshopped girls
for your
Maidens Experience!

Your Maidens Experience:

  • Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts is the ONLY male-owned escort agency in Nottingham, meaning that you will NOT get any sex chat from the receptionist, but you WILL get the right girl sent over to you. (intro video)
  • We are a genuine 24-hour VIP luxury standard escort agency, so you can call on us any time of the day or night to book one of our girls to be your elite companion.
  • All of the girls working for Midlands Maidens are guaranteed to be real, genuine, memorable, magical, outstanding and always ready to satisfy their clients.
  • We have been providing quality girls in the ‘escorts agency Nottingham’ niche services now for over 15 years, with NO poor reviews EVER !
  • Midlands Maidens are the longest-serving and best provider of high-class adult entertainment agencies. We look forward to giving you the service and the class that you fully deserve.

Gallery Photographs:

  • You will find that we concentrate on ‘selfie’ type photographs for the escort girls’ images.
  • ‘Selfie’ photos are much better than obviously faked, photo-shopped ladies in Barbie castles, or floating down marble staircases so that you can always see the genuine girl prior to booking an appointment.
  • We DO consent to (if the girl requests it), applying a facial blur to uphold each girl’s anonymity, and we always mention on the girl’s profile page whether or not she has any tattoos.
  • We try as much as possible to ensure that each girl working for Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts keeps her photos up to date.

Profiles, Contact and Payments:

  • Each girl’s profile page has a full run of photographs, together with a list of ‘services’ that she enjoys. We are the only local escort agency that offers this feature.
  • Following your call to the office, we would then put the girl in direct contact with you. You could then discuss any other requirements or services that you wanted.
  • All girls will accept cash payments on their arrival, but we also offer payments by bank transfer and credit/debit cards for your convenience.
  • All girls sent out to our customers and clients have been met and interviewed regarding their appearance and services. To the best of our knowledge, they will give you the best Maidens Experience possible!

Our Promise to You

  • We guarantee that each of our Nottingham Escorts has been met up with, and interviewed by management.
  • We guarantee that each of our Nottingham Escorts has sent over real images to display on her profile page, or if that girl is a Maidenette then she will be sending them over as soon as practically possible.
  • We guarantee that each of our Nottingham Escorts has declared the correct services on her profile page.
  • We guarantee that whichever of our Nottingham Escorts you choose to meet will give you a free ice-breaking phone call so that you can chat to her about her services and her looks.

And finally…

  • We can confidently say that with our collection of VIP escorts, you will have the time of your life!

Enjoy your Maidens Experience!

Random Reading from the Blog . . .

Girls' Disclaimer

All the girls on this front page are absolutely stunning.

The girls in the background images are also outstanding.

However the girls in the background images are just random images pulled from the internet using Google Image Search.

In actual fact they are just fulfilling our design standards in their professional positioning and posing.

Other than that, we make no claim whatsoever that any of these girls are connected with Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts or the Nottingham Escort Agency in any way, shape or form.

To view our GENUINE escorts, please click the ‘Escorts’ tab from the main menu or follow this link.

Payments Disclaimer

Please note that Midlands Maidens will NEVER contact you regarding the touting or perusal of payments of any kind.

This includes cash payments, bank transfer payments, or credit/debit card payments.

All CASH payments should be made to the appropriate staff member on their arrival at the appointment location within TEN MINUTES. This saves any embarrassment or discomfort later on.

Any payments made via BANK TRANSFER or CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS to Midlands Maidens through legitimate means will only be via your own phone call back to our office.

You will then be directed to a member of our billing team to process your payment.

Just occasionally, we will receive calls from other businesses, be they legitimate or otherwise, trying to ‘jump’ the UK GDPR laws.

Calls to our business lines or any of our private lines will now be accepted at a cost to the contacting marketer of £25 per enquiry or lead, on the submission of a valid business credit card.

Try a Google Search

Escorts Disclaimer

All payments made to girls working at Midlands Maidens, Nottingham Escorts, or the Nottingham Escort Agency are accepted on the understanding that you are paying for the girl’s time and companionship only.

Anything else arranged is by the mutual consent of two agreeable adults.

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Recently added on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts…

Last Updated on Wednesday, July 6, 2022 by Midlands Maidens

Welcome to 2022, which celebrates 16 years of Midlands Maidens being open for business!

Our latest lead image, called ‘Wimbledon’, two versions with one for mobiles, is now up and running. For those of you that wanted to view them with no distractions, see our website page at SCREENSAVERS GALLERY.

Fancy working at Midlands Maidens? Check out our latest JOBS VIDEO.

There is a new ‘conditional logic’ application form working now on our ‘Jobs’ page, and if you were thinking of giving this industry a go, our latest 2022 Recruitment video is now available to view on our ESCORTS JOBS page.


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