# 1 Nottingham Escort Agency

by Midlands Maidens

Today's Girls at the #1 Nottingham Escort Agency

The # 1 Nottingham Escort Agency

from Midlands Maidens

# 1 Nottingham Escort Agency

# 1 Nottingham Escort Agency at Midlands Maidens was founded back in 2006, meaning that at the time of writing, we have held sway over the East Midlands for over eleven years.

We have never held with the fact that ‘more must be better’ – a fact shown emphatically by our small portfolio of escorts.

We believe in quality over quantity, a trait that we have promised since day one.

Our clients appreciate this, and know that when applying to book one of our Maidens, a good time is guaranteed for all concerned.

Another trait that we have carried with us since day one, is our renowned all-inclusive pricing policy, which means that all ‘extras’ for services and transport are included in the price you are quoted from the office.

This alone would be worth between £30-£100 depending on which independent provider or agency you chose – and don’t forget you will be meeting an elite girl from the best # 1 Nottingham escort agency in the East Midlands.

It’s not all about us, or indeed the customers though – how do our staff enjoy working with us?

The answer to that is simple – we made it so that working with Midlands Maidens is far more profitable even than working as an independent escort, and this is one claim we can say with no shadow of a doubt.

The following is one of our YouTube videos – give it a quick watch (it’s only a couple of minutes or so long) and we’ll be back with our presentation straight after:

So did we convince you yet?

All of our elite portfolio of Nottingham Escorts have repeatedly demonstrated that they are the best in their field, and their prices are all-inclusive of services and transport.

We are one of the very few agencies that are completely transparent about each girl’s services. In each girl’s gallery on the main website, there are individual lists of services that they enjoy doing.

We are also transparent with each girl’s sexual orientation – if a girl is ‘straight’ we say so. There are no long lists of girls that do everything and are all lesbians on Midlands Maidens. That’s yet another reason that we are so popular!

We will try our best to send the right girl over to you. One-on-one bookings are easy – just pick any girl that enjoys the services you wanted to try.

For bookings with couples, we would insist that a bi-sexual girl was chosen, and for a two-guy booking, we would let the girl herself decide whether she wanted to try it. One more reason for our popularity with all concerned!

We believe in quality over quantity, which is why the rarest thing in the world is an ex-Midlands Maiden.

Our girls love working with us and our clients love the sweet anticipation of their girl turning up for their appointment knowing that the right girl will be coming over.

All in all, we can quite safely say that when making an appointment with us, we are proud to be able to send one of the most elite girls working at the # 1 Nottingham escort agencyMidlands Maidens!

Happy Bookings and enjoy the rest of the website!

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