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100th post posh totty

100th Post

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

100th Post

Never ones to pass up on a milestone, we’d like to welcome you to the 100th post written for the Midlands Maidens Blog.

We’ve covered pretty much everything in our NEWS posts, but always being on the lookout for a story, expect this to be expanded on. The MUSIC BOX is going strong now, as is the SECRET DIARY even though there have been a few hiccups in that last category, but all is looking well now with all of the sections.

As mentioned in the last post, we are going to start a new section running along the lines of fetishes, and a few suggestions have already been made in the MORE PLAYTHINGS post. Feel free to pop over there and add a new suggestion, or add one on the SUGGESTIONS PAGE, or even add one in the comments to this post.

Just a couple of new additions to announce for this 100th post, but these are cosmetic additions to the various forms around the website.

Anyone planning to JOIN US will now find that the input boxes have been filled out a bit, making it easier on the eyes to write.

Similarly, the ‘free text message’ form and the CONTACT form have been filled out a little, and there is now space where you can add a review.

Speaking of REVIEWS, we finally got our arses into gear and worked out what we were doing with them, as the whole section was not in keeping with our continual quest for perfection!

ANGELINA, EVE and LOUISE now have their reviews added to their pages (come on guys, where’s the reviews for the others?) and are also featured in the testimonials section on the homepage, and in the REVIEWS page.

Get writing and save a few quid off your next booking!

As mentioned a while ago, we’re offering £10 off your next booking with every valid review, be it good, fair or poor (we still publish all reviews), so it’s well worth you writing in and leaving a comment.

Nip over to either the CONTACT page or the REVIEWS page and get in touch – it means a lot!

Finally, for this 100th post, we come to the totty gallery.

We thought we’d run an ST TRINIANS theme for this one, as this series of films would no doubt have had a lasting effect on every red-blooded male from 12 years and up!

With no further ado, here’s the St Trinians themed totty gallery!

We hope that you enjoyed that gallery, and there’ll be more to see in the 101st post.

Until then, its goodbye from Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts, and the NEWS team with our 100th post!


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