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2020 Round-Up Post

2020 Round-Up

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Last Updated on Sunday, March 12, 2023

2020 Round-Up

In this last post of the year, we take a look at what’s been happening in Midlands Maidens Land in our 2020 round-up.

In many ways, 2020 will be seen as a damp squib of a year, through nobody’s fault but the government, in attempting to impose lockdown restrictions on everyone trying to run shops, hairdressers, gyms, pubs, and other ‘non-essential’ trades, forcing a total breakdown of the economy.

We’re not quite sure what the bigger picture will be on this yet, but all will become apparent when the restrictions end.

And so onto the 2020 Round-Up:

January – March – June:

The year started nicely enough as we were portraying two new MaidensVictoria and Samantha – who were each other’s girlfriends due to them both being let down by guys in their social circles.

Grace had already been recruited, and then we then added Annabelle and Jessica to our staff list, so things were looking good – at least to the casual onlookers.

Grace was pottering about nicely, but we had concerns about Victoria and Samantha, who would never answer their phones.

Then came the first lockdown, from March to June.

We were hurriedly composing a new page for sexting and phone-sex, and the girls were pretty excited about this compromise.

Still Victoria and Samantha were not answering though, except for one reply from Samantha who said that she’d got a headache and could we pass the call onto someone else?

June came around and the lockdowns were all lifted and replaced with a ‘tiering’ system, allowing us to (sort of) go back to work.

Still no reply from Victoria though, so we had no choice to remove her. We were also going to remove Samantha, but she answered and apologised for the non-answering, but all should be ok now.

It wasn’t though, and the full details can be found in THIS POST.

June – November – December:

We had gotten rid of Annabelle, following her brief reign of 14 days, when she nipped over to VIP Callgirls and got the sack from there too.

Jessica, the other new girl, had a spectacular start with an extended dinner date, and a regular ‘couple’ booking to follow.

Two days later though, when the extended dinner client called back with her promise to attend, she left the client waiting at the hotel entrance, which is the cardinal sin where a client is concerned, so she got the sack after just THREE days.

We of course sorted things out, despite Jessica’s no-show, and everyone went home happy.

The Sex Bubble:

This was something that we sorted out prior to the November lockdown, and allowed anyone that had used the agency since the first lockdown in March to continue making appointments.

No good at all for ‘book workers’ though, as the appointments were limited to girls that they had met before, but with Midlands Maidens, EVERY GIRL gives you a full Maidens Experience, and there are no girls that leave you wanting!

The Search Terms:

search box screenshot

There have been many search terms that have caught our eyes, and one of the most used terms at the moment is ‘ELSA’, no doubt looking for the Disney 101 post (over 600 viewers yesterday morning can’t be wrong!)

We’ve also noticed terms for ‘jailbait‘, ‘young girls‘, ‘femdom‘, ‘pegging‘ and many others looking for their porn kick, so we’ve decided to oblige.

We started a few days ago, uploading a few of our MEWE video files to BITPORNO together with a few galleries that are self-hosted, to bring you the best content for your porn-kick wankables.

Feel free to join us in our MEWE GROUP over on MEWE, where we can suggest lots of groups for you to join and get your wankables straight from the source!

The MEWE Totty Gallery:

The last part of our 2020 round-up will show one of our world famous totty galleries, this time taken as a taster to some of our future ROOM 101 posts.

The girls in this gallery are all over 21 (so they say)(you decide)(yeah right) and are all designed to milk as much spunk out of you as possible before the real thing happens in Room 101.


That’s about it for this year, and we all hope that you’ve enjoyed our delves into Midlands Maidens Land, and that you’ve gotten something out of it.

IF YOU’D LIKE TO JOIN US – and you feel that you could be an asset to the agency and our clients, please visit the ESCORT JOBS page and fill in the application form.

REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE if you’ve not already done it, so that we can send you a first look at all of our news and views, and a few special offers here and there.

It just remains to wish you all a very Happy New Year, and lets hope for something good on the horizon.


Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts, with best wishes from all at the NEWS, the SECRET DIARY, the MUSIC BOX, and the FETISH teams.


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