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24/7 Happy Hour at Midlands Maidens

24/7 Happy Hour at Midlands Maidens

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

24/7 Happy Hour at Midlands Maidens

The sad thing is that the 24/7 happy hour at Midlands Maidens will never happen – unless you find someone that is living off our promotions.

We don’t have a problem with:

1) Girls that have left Midlands Maidens and gone independent with their new client base.

2) Girls that have been removed from our staff list but have gained a new client base through working privately.

Those girls have left with our best wishes for the future, and good luck to them.

We DO have a problem with:

3) Girls that steal clients’ phone numbers and contact them for private bookings whilst using the Midlands Maidens pricing scale.

This last selection of girls, albeit a really tiny selection, are what this post is all about.

At Midlands Maidens, we set the client’s appointment fee so that the agency girl attending will be better off than an independent girl attending the same booking.

As a part of this arrangement, we insist that the girl calls the client on a private number as an ice-breaker so that the client realises that we are not sending out a Romanian girl shot-putter and passing her off as being a glamorous English model.

This also allows the client to confirm that the girl’s services are indeed the same as those published on the website.

The more astute of you might realise the fatal flaw in this system, in that the girl receives the client’s phone number for initial contact, which forms the basis of our 24/7 Happy Hour at Midlands Maidens.

Here then are the details of the Happy Hour:

Any client that can quote the phone number of the girl that contacts them will receive the first hour of their appointment at £49.99, and the appointment will remain all-inclusive of services and transport.

This also goes for girls that have stolen the client’s phone number and are no longer working for us – a £49.99 first hour fee with transport and services provided free.

The above two items are granted a Midlands Maidens Happy Hour booking ONLY if the girl involved was NOT removed for having a STI or STD, again a rarety, as all of the girls working for Midlands Maidens are encouraged to take regular health checks.

This is a strict rarety rather than the norm, as the majority of our staff realise that our agency fees are the best in the UK.

For those girls trying to cheat the system though, we feel that they should be putting something back into the agency that they have tried to scam so eloquently.

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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