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24 Hours Escort Agency and Stats

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

24 Hours Escort Agency and Stats

It’s always the same – clients ringing up for a 24 hours appointment on Sunday morning when they wake up and realise they haven’t had a shag yet.

This is where our vetting comes into play – to find out who is genuine, who’s pissed their fees up the wall last night, and who’s from other providers finding out if we are open 24 hours.

Well the last bit is easy – we’re open 24 hours, have been since 2006, and still are today. It’s not our fault that other providers lie about their opening hours – nearly as much as the twee photo of who’s available and you get some Russian shot putter turning up as a ‘bait and switch’.

Not our fault that we’re the only agency you can get hold of 24 hours, with real girls, just as advertised.

Then there’s the client who is ‘financially embarrassed’ after a night on the razzle, and finds that there’s nothing left on his credit card. These are easy to spot too, though we feel for this guy as we’ve all been there – especially if he already tried one of the more dubious providers and had his legs broken due to not having enough cash.

That is why the GENUINE clients might find that they run into some serious vetting both from the office, and from the girl herself, not because they’re not trustworthy, but because there are so many idiots about at certain times of the day.

If you’ve used us before, there will be no problem. Your local escort agency is open 24 hours as usual. But please excuse the vetting and questions if you’ve NOT used us before, as the security of our girls takes the highest priority.

24 hours big jugs photo
Unashamed photo of a girl with big jugs

This Weeks Stats

We noticed that the stats counter now shows that we’ve amassed over 200,000 visitors to the website since we started keeping records in April. This combined with the 1,110,000 plus page views from those visitors is a great achievement, and it’s nice to know that we must be doing something right!

We also noticed that our post regarding UKPunting got more views than usual, and the video got a few comments and likes on our YouTube channel.

There was an immediate attempt to ‘bully’ these users by the UKPunting arse lickers and admin, so we were forced to ban them from the channel. Typical response from these ‘forum’ artists that will not be tolerated, you can now read and comment without being bullied.

Oh, and if anyone knows who made the video that we uploaded, please let us know!

That’s all for this time, and thanks again for the 200,000 visits!

Originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the News Team.


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