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A New Maiden at Long Last!

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

A New Maiden at Long Last!

Just occasionally when searching for a new Maiden, one will come along who’s application photographs do not do her justice.

This is very rare, as those who are Secret Diary members will testify – the state of some of those applicants would NEED a facial blur to persuade you to book them in the first place, which is warranted by our refusal to take them on due to being worried that our clients would lynch us for false descriptions!

So onto that other rarity – an interview report in full view:

Applicant – Eve

Location – The Stage

Time – 12.30pm

We were there in good time, and as the minutes passed onto 12.40 pm we thought we’d give Eve a ring to see where she was. ‘I’m at The Stage’ said Eva, ‘are you coming down?’

So coming from our vantage point that left both doors in plain view, we assumed that Eva had got the ‘discretion’ part of the interview off to a T as we hadn’t noticed her.

Eventually finding each other, we shot off to our vantage point and commenced with the interview.

Admittedly, we hadn’t got great hopes for Eve – but she blew any reservations out of the window with the perfect interview!

She was 5’3″ tall with a gorgeous Mediterranean complexion, dress size 6-8, a brunette with brown eyes, and a smile to die for!

Plenty of eye-contact all around – a very important trait that one is – and when ‘doing a twirl’ to give us an idea of her stats, she had half the customers and staff panting in anticipation. We really will have to sort out better ‘vantage points’!

This girl will make ANY client proud to be with her, and so we introduce you to Eve – our latest new Maiden from Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts.

The images above are Eve’s original application photos which contained two ‘selfies’ and have had a facial blur added at her request.

Eve has sent a run of new photos over for her official gallery shoot, which should be available on her page, complete with a bio, stats and services by tomorrow.

*Update* Eve is now LIVE on the Midlands Maidens website.


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