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Adam – Go to Go

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Last Updated on Thursday, October 12, 2023

Adam – Go to Go

We’ve got an interesting little song for you this time, from a Dutch girl-band called ADAM who perform their song whilst orgasming.

We’ve got no idea on how true this is, but seeing as they’re Dutch, and the only other place in the world where you’d get away with this is Japan, we’re inclined to believe that the moans of delight are authentic.

According to the band, they got their inspiration for this style of singing by watching the viral video art series ‘Hysterical Literature’, where they get women to read their favourite books whist having an orgasm.

After researching this thoroughly 🙂 we found the opening video for this set on YouTube.

Danielle reads ‘Still Life With Woodpecker’ by Tom Robbins:

Anyone wanting to further research this type of reading is encouraged to view the Hysterical Literature Website Sessions.

There have obviously been parodies of the Adam video doing the rounds, and the one we’ve chosen to feature is this shot one from ‘The Backpackers’:

So now it’s time for the main event.

Here are ADAM performing their single ‘Go to Go’, complete with authentic orgasm moans:

I suppose the main thing on everyone’s lips after watching the above videos, is ‘where do I get a chair like the one she’s sitting on?’

The answer is, it’s not the chair, it’s a sex toy called a Sybian Saddle which is manufactured by THESE GUYS.

Anyone wanting to grab a couple and bring them over for the girls to test would apparently be more than welcome!

Keep a lookout for the next of our Music Box posts, when we’ll have more weird, wonderful and extremely sexual videos for you to ponder over.

See you next time!

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