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agency girl or independent

Agency Girl or Independent? YOU Decide

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Agency Girl or Independent? YOU Decide

Now that we’ve opened our Independent Escorts Directory, it poses another problem – do you apply to be an agency girl or independent girl?

Here are a few guidelines for both an agency girl or independent girls:

To Apply for the Agency

  • Ideal for first-time escorts who need to build their confidence.
  • Ideal for established escorts who are looking for less work to do with their appointment list.
  • You would need to fill out the AGENCY APPLICATION FORM and include a few photos.
  • You would need to come for an interview so that we could check your punctuality and appearance.
  • We would take your bookings and apply our security guidelines to them.

We would always suggest that the first point of call for a new girl to the industry, would be to apply as an agency girl. Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts have a wealth of experience in this industry, and hey – we still learn new things every day!

Similarly an established escort might find that her appointments are taking a tumble, as in theory – she should NOT be taking calls whilst shes’s ‘on the job’ so to speak. In this case, we would also suggest applying to join as an agency girl.

After filling in your application form, and adding a few photos, we would then get in touch regarding your interview. This is an important process, as it proves your punctuality (or lack thereof) and your ability to generate a first impression – both qualities being essential to your future prospective clients.

Any bookings for you will have been run though our security guidelines, and only if these are all successfully passed will the client’s number be passed over to you for the appointment to be finalised.

Running an escort agency is a little like looking after a drunken fayther, but that’s exactly what we’re here for!

To Apply For the Independent Escorts Directory

  • Ideal for girls that wanted to keep all of their earnings.
  • Set your own availability and prices.
  • Set the costs for any ‘extras’ that you would supply.
  • Fill in the Independent Escort Directory APPLICATION FORM to go ahead.

**The Independent Escorts Directory has now been closed, due to the girls on there not answering their phones**

This option is for those girls that wanted to run ALL their affairs as a solo entity, and are getting cheesed off with directories like VivaStreet looking for validation photos and suckering you in for higher advertisement rates, or AdultWork, which again requires validation plus a fiver a day to add your phone number and say that you’re available – or needing to go on there every day and update your profile.

No interview is required when applying to join the Independent Escort Directory, as the customer will call you direct, and if you don’t look the business, you get turned away. So at least make the effort to look spectacular!

You can set your own prices for your services, and you are able to add any transport costs, plus charges for ‘extras’ if you so wish.

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To the Clients

Even though the Independent Escort Directory is listed on the Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts website, you should be aware that apart from setting up the profiles, we have nothing to do with how the girls look, act, or perform.

If you wanted to go with certain guarantees and services, we would suggest that you choose an AGENCY GIRL.

If you wanted to contact a girl direct, and go with that girl’s own rules, choose an INDEPENDENT GIRL.

Whichever type of girl you choose, agency girl or independent girl, we hope you have great fun and get fantastic value!

Originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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