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Agency Hopper

Agency Hopper Applicants

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Agency Hopper Applicants

We got back on Tuesday afternoon to another application made via WhatsApp from what we presume was an ‘agency hopper’ applicant.

An agency hopper for those of you that are uninitiated is a girl that has outlived her ‘usefulness’ on other agencies, and they generally look tired and worn out through needing to lie and cheat their way into another agency.

We actually met this girl over three years ago, when she failed to pass the criteria needed to become a Midlands Maiden.

This time she said that she wasn’t sure if she’d met us or not, and then insisted with an outright lie that she’d met us, due no doubt to her poor showing on that previous occasion.

We didn’t even bother asking her name, she was that unimportant – but the photos she sent over were of at least two different dodgy models.

One was our old friend Gina G who has still not – and never will be interviewed, and one was from a previous applicant from The Meadows – who again was not offered an interview due to her photos being fakes.

Having a quick run through the Secret Diary archives, we came up with these three images from the original interview, back in July 2017, and these were vindicated as fakes or undesirable staff members by none other than our wonderful angel Gabrielle when she interviewed for us later that year.

She remarked back then that it was a girl from VIP Call-Girls who was renowned for stealing phone numbers.

Looks like even VIP have their stall set out straight on that one!

This un-named agency hopper is now a blonde, hoping to hide her faults as a brunette from us.

With agency hoppers being decidedly dense though, it wasn’t too hard to get her to send a previous portfolio over, one that damaged her whole credibility through having been sent over before.

The faltering in her voice was priceless as we exposed her complete portfolio as being faked!

Finding that she needed to make a further statement on being exposed, she retorted with:

Not really bothered as all your girls are hanging

So disrespect is yet another of this un-named agency hopper’s traits.

We’ll now close this post, safe in the knowledge that we’ve most certainly looked after Midlands Maidens and our clients on this decision!

Posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the SECRET DIARY team.


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