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All Inclusive – What Does it Mean?

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

All Inclusive – What Does it Mean?

We’d like to dispel a few myths and create a few conversation points when it comes to using an all inclusive escort agency.

Here at Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts, we’ve been ‘all inclusive’ since day one.

It’s the main difference between choosing a package holiday from Easy-Jet, where all drinks and food need to be purchased separately, ie as ‘extras’ where you get an unwelcome bill at the end of your stay, or choosing the same holiday from the likes of Thomas Cook at an all inclusive rate, where the drinks, food and service charges are all in with your quoted price.

There’s no difference between the above analogy and choosing a different service provider, independent or agency based, and Midlands Maidens – who as mentioned above have been all inclusive from the day we started.

So how do we manage our ‘all inclusive’ prices?

The main point here (at least as far as agencies are concerned) is the Agency Fees.

Most other providers, motivated by greed, bait & switch and other tactics, slam massive agency fees on the girls of anywhere between £40 per hour, £60 per hour, and even £80 per hour in one case.

Going onto the Bait & Switch option, we were having a chat with one of the girls who were threatening to leave one of the dodgiest providers in Nottingham earlier. When we asked who she was on their website, she came back with ‘oh, I’m ALL the blonde ones’!

You see it’s all well and good with girls saying they have had ‘back to back’ bookings, but paying £80 a pop to the agency, she’s definitely going to NEED back to back bookings to even come close to what she’d be earning at Midlands Maidens – and that’s notwithstanding the fact that a huge proportion of your fee goes straight into the provider’s coffers.

Enter Midlands Maidens

We have always been proud of our all inclusive service, and many clients have remarked that the service they received was impeccable.

We will NEVER add lots of girls to our escorts pages, and say that ‘ok, you can be all the blonde ones’ and ‘you can be all the brunettes tonight mi duck’ – we prefer to keep it real as only a minimal amount of girls would ever make the grade as an elite escort.

As for the agency fees, we have always kept them at an absolute minimum, as we realise that it is the GIRLS that do the work. We are not prepared to go into exact fees here but we KNOW that any girl working for Midlands Maidens will NOT need back to back bookings whilst paying anywhere up to 60% – 70% in agency fees to make ends meet due to the greed of the agency.

The Midlands Maidens All Inclusive Policy

As mentioned earlier in this post, Midlands Maidens have operated an ‘all inclusive’ policy for our Nottingham escort agency since we first opened.

With a combination of the girls we have working and of course our honesty and experience, we can predict when a girl matching your specifications will be coming available for short-notice appointments (within the hour) or arrange for a girl to be available that matches your requirements for longer notice appointments (anywhere between one day to one week ahead).

All of the services mentioned within the girl’s portfolio page under ‘likes’ are ALL INCLUSIVE in the price you pay, as are the transport costs for local bookings.

If you needed to use our OUT OF TOWN transport rates, we always prefer to tell you this in advance which will prevent the girl turning up and asking for more than you initially expected.

Sure, this initially LOOKS a little more expensive than other providers in our industry, but bear in mind that the other prices you find will NOT be all inclusive, which you will find out to your own cost in one way or another depending on which provider you use.

Many of our clients have worked out that no matter what the first-hour cost is, the prices for subsequent hours are LOWER than most of the providers in the industry, meaning that if you decide to extend (which is quite common with a Midlands Maidens booking!), the excess cost for your first hour gets averaged out very quickly!

We can quite safely say that taking advantage of our ‘all inclusive’ prices for our Nottingham escorts will save you many pounds, even if you only booked the girl for a one-hour appointment.

If you decided to extend your booking it becomes even more lucrative for you, as though the prices will drop, the prices remain all inclusive.

Also, don’t forget that the larger ‘first hour’ booking price is only for NEW CLIENTS – which after their first appointment then become REGULAR CLIENTS – who can then book at a discounted price of £150 for the first hour no matter what time they choose to make an appointment – and did we mention that it remains ALL INCLUSIVE?

So what’s best then?

Well, that’s up to you.

All we can say is, if you wanted to run the risk of a bait & switch being carried out on you, and girls charging ‘extras’ for every possible thing, purely to keep their own fees tenable, then use a dodgy provider-independent or agency.

If however you wanted the luxury of going all inclusive, and having the girl’s transport and services all paid for, then there really is only one place to be, and that’s right here at Midlands Maidens!


With Thomas Cook now having gone bankrupt as they were not able to sustain their all inclusive offers as well as Midlands Maidens, the promo video has now been updated.

Originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.

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