Amped Again

AMPed Again

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

AMPed Again

Following a traditionally quiet time of the year, we decided to take a look at Accelerated Mobile Pages and attempt to become AMPed again.

Last time if you remember, we attempted to recreate the whole website – and there were errors all over the place in our Google Search Console, giving us no reason at all to continue with it and dump it all in the bin.

Following some intense research over a couple of pints, we decided to resurrect the project, this time keeping it very minimal and a bare-bones of a website for viewing on a mobile phone.

Seeing as we have a ‘responsive’ website, ie the content all shrinks down anyway, it shouldn’t have posed a problem – but having a separate AMP website gives everyone the best of both worlds.

Our Stripped Down Content.

The AMPed again website will be going live in a couple of days, so what exactly will be on it?

Well there IS a way that users can grab a preview right now of it actually, by going to the footer section and clicking on the ‘View AMP Version’ link.

It looks a bit naff on a pc, as it was designed to be viewed on a mobile phone, and on a phone it looks pretty neat.

Before we turn on the full mobile redirection though, this is what you’ll find:

At present without mobile redirection turned on, all viewers will see the same website that they’re used to – unless coming from a Google AMP link.

In the future WITH mobile redirection turned on, you will see the stripped down version on a phone or tablet, which consists of the following:

1) A toned down version of the homepage with a slider on it, followed by a gallery link and a ‘call us now’ button.

2) A toned down version of the ‘escorts online’ page with a link to each girl’s gallery.

3) FIVE photos in each girl’s gallery, followed by their services.

4) The NEWS section which for AMPed again purposes has been stripped back to one category.

5) A ‘Jobs, Areas and Forms’ page, explaining that to contact us or apply for a job, you’ll need to come back over to the real website and do it from there.

And that’s about it – no Areas or Locations or pages with forms on, as it was a nightmare last time trying to get Google maps and any type of forms to work on an AMP page.

Similarly, no ‘Suggestions’ or ‘Escort Jobs’ page for the reasons outlined above.

The navigation is really simple in that you’ll get options for each of the pages when clicking on the ‘Hamburger’.

You can also click on the logo to return to the homepage, and there is a ‘Click to Call’ icon at the top right.

Finally if you go to the bottom, there is a link back to the full website (the non-AMP version) that you can click on when you’re fed up of having nothing to do.

We hope that you enjoy our new AMPed again website, and realise that we had to revert to having half a brain from the 1980’s for half an hour whilst compiling it.

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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