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April Cockup

April Cockup

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Last Updated on Sunday, March 12, 2023

April Cockup

Another April Cockup that seemed to coincide with April Fools Day made us happy that April 1st only comes around once a year.

This time though it wasn’t our fault – it was the fault of our caching system, ie a WP Rocket update.

We were wondering why the majority of our Maidenette applications were coming in via phone, or via WhatsApp, rather than via the application form on the JOBS PAGE.

We decided to put in a dummy application, where lo and behold, the photo uploader had stopped working, making it impossible to complete an application via that avenue.

Over on another of our websites, we tried it again – and the photo uploader was working like a dream.

So we decided to try a little A/B testing:

First, we tried the application form page with the WP Rocket settings as they were for the rest of the website:

April Cockup First Image

All the minifications, combinations, defers and delays remained intact, though this meant that the application forms did not work.

So then we tried the application form page with all of the above settings removed:

April Cockup Second Image

…which seemed to have the desired effect – the application form photo uploader was now working again.

A little more playing around and we’d narrowed it down to either the ‘Defer JS’ or the ‘Delay JS’ being at fault, so to avoid complications we left them BOTH turned off.

Just a short post this time, but an essential one to knock out any troubleshooting issues that you might be having with your OWN caching systems.

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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