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Mapperley NG3

Mapperley NG3 Escorts

Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts are available for appointments in the Mapperley NG3 areas:

Carlton, Sneinton, St Anns, Mapperley

Mainly residential areas, these areas are becoming increasingly popular with Nottingham’s student population in that they are within easy walking distance of the City Centre.

One of the country’s oldest outdoor markets, The Victoria Market, still sets up stalls on designated days, and The Victoria Leisure Centre situated right next door is famous for hosting The Nottingham Beer Festival in the summer.

If a girl is able to come to an appointment in the NG3 area, THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT SHE CAN OFFER AN INCALL in NG3.

The only way that a girl will come over to you, is for a home or hotel appointment, as our property portfolio only stretches to one incall facility in Nottingham.

Places of note:

The Victoria Market
The Victoria Leisure Centre

Hotels of note:

Mainly B&B’s around the Mapperley area

Mapperley NG3 Local Map

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Mapperley NG3 Escorts at Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts

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