attitudes of indians

Attitudes of Indians

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Attitudes of Indians

Welcome to another Secret Diary post that perfectly encapsulates why clients don’t want to see them due to poor attitudes, and why we are reluctant to even offer them an interview.

We are referring to Hindu or Muslim applicants that haven’t got a clue when it comes to running a self-employed business venture, and in the main have stinking attitudes.

Sure, they can open shops with their families and reams of kids, moaning if they need to serve bacon, but working as an escort is another matter entirely.

One such applicant tried to get on with us just over a week ago, and here’s the full story.

First, a little history.

We’ve had one Muslim applicant working for us previously who got spectacularly fired after complaints that she didn’t want to do anything, or go anywhere without a cheap lift.

The one that was due to be interviewed this time had horrendous attitudes towards anyone that mispronounced her name, whilst at the same time she was using THREE different names.

Dunno, you work it out.

So we travelled up to Hucknall, again at her insistence, as she didn’t like the sound of ‘Phoenix Park’ after dark.

We’d settled in and got drinks when overcame a text message saying that actually, she’d prefer Bulwell, as it was dark where she was.

Asking where exactly she was, she was directing us towards Bulwell Hall – which was a contradiction on the Bestwood Village where she had stated in her application.

Two minutes later, she sent another message – ‘SOS I’ve changed my mind’.

We didn’t even bother replying to this last message and we popped over to the Gateway for a discussion on how lucky our customers were that this girl with huge attitudes was never even met.

Here are her application photos so that you can see what you are missing:

So yeah, we’re sorry we didn’t take it on, but you’ll be thanking us later!

Originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the Secret Diary team.


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