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August Recruitment

August Recruitment at Midlands Maidens

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

August Recruitment at Midlands Maidens

What happened to 2022? Two-thirds of the year is already gone, meaning that our August Recruitment video is our final one of the year.

This time we’re utilising some industrial metal with one of my personal favourite tracks – Closer by Nine Inch Nails.

A lot darker than previous recruitment videos from a band that makes the weak-hearted run for cover, but the girls are just as sensual and sexy.

Enough of the waffling then, and here’s our latest August Recruitment video:

From there then, we’ll usher the girls over here for some recruitment information, and leave the guys to have multiple wanks over the video.

August Recruitment Presentation:

There are plenty of recruitment posts on this website. The most important post for new applicants would be THE PROVIDERS’ FOODCHAIN, which has examples of every single girl that our clients tend to ask for or refuse, and are rated by the MOST asked for girls, down to the LEAST asked for girls.

Any girl over 18 years of age is welcome to apply, but if you are lucky enough to look as though you’re under 22, we might require a photo ID to prove that you’re not someone’s 12-year-old daughter.


At some point, you will be required to send over some photographs for inclusion on your new profile page at Midlands Maidens.

We prefer to use ‘selfie’ type photos for the reasons explained in THIS POST, but we do allow professional photo shoots, PROVIDED THAT the girl in these photo shoots is unmistakably yourself.

Midlands Maidens will also stump up for a professional shoot provided that the initial outlay is met by the girl herself.

This prevents a new girl from coming along and getting a portfolio of photographs for free c/o Midlands Maidens and then running off to use the photos somewhere else.

Image Content:

Your images should be sent over to us in their basic format, with no photo editing at all being added to your images.

We would then take note of your requirements for facial blurs and add those ourselves.

You would then get them sent back over to you in a series of ‘drafts’ for your approval before we add them to the Midlands Maidens website.

PLEASE NOTE that we do not blur out any huge tattoos you might have, as we like to keep total transparency with our clients.

If a client invites you round expecting a fair-skinned girl and you turn up with tattoos declaring that you are the property of St Ann’s MOFOS you might get turned away, with NO turning up fees.

We also do not allow any overt nudity in our image galleries.

We’ve got no problems with you sending photos over like this one:

Girl with her legs up

…or this one:

August recruitment selfie

…with you showing what you had for lunch this afternoon.

The photos above are akin to the guys sending us ‘dick pics’ over and are totally unsuitable for your profile page.

Hey, the clients wouldn’t mind seeing this type of photo, but most of them would knock one out instead of inviting you to meet them!

Previous successful applicants have included:

  • Ex-employees of two of the three emergency services,
  • Secretaries,
  • Office workers,
  • Students,
  • Athletes,
  • Front-of-house zero-hours employees,
  • Delivery drivers,

…all of whom have given up on their previous chosen fields to come into this lucrative industry, as well as girls that are out of work and ‘girls least likely to succeed’.

All girls whether they are ex-police commissioners down to ex-benefit claimants are treated in exactly the same way when starting out and will eventually find that new type of ‘buzzing’ in their new careers.

Here’s to your success, and we’ll look forward to inviting you onboard very soon!

So that’s about it for 2022’s recruitment videos and we hope that you’ve enjoyed our edgy take on joining Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts.

We’ll be adding the ‘JOIN US‘ page together with the original ‘Directors Cut’ of the video in the ‘relevant pages’ index down at the bottom of the page for your further enjoyment.

We’ll see you in 2023 with the next video!

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.

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