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August Stats – Millionaires Row

Last Updated on Sunday, March 27, 2022 by Midlands Maidens

August Stats and Millionaires Row

You will have noticed that our August stats page now registers over one million views. A massive thank you to all of our one million viewers that visited us since February when we first started publishing!

By way of a ‘thank-you’ we’re publishing another ‘picture post’ with photos all in order and gallery-ised so that you can either go through the pictures in order or view them in a gallery. Have fun with that one!

So, what’s been happening this month? Well, the first thing we noticed in the August stats was the strange things getting searched for in our search box.

‘Ilkeston’, ‘Kimberley’ and ‘Shrewsbury‘ were amongst the areas searched. Whilst Kimberley might well get added at a later date, Ilkeston is in Derbyshire. And Shrewsbury is near to Wales.

Two more strange additions that got searched for were ‘leather’, and the strangest of all – ’77 bus timetable’.

We can only guess that someone was looking to book a leather-clad escort that lives on the 77 bus route. Any other ideas can get sent to the office HERE.

Still Looking for the Perfect Escort

We’re still looking for new girls.

Anyone that fancies giving escorting a go and putting their all into it is most welcome to apply.

There are various posts on this elsewhere in our news items. If anyone is wanting to know more, click onto the ‘escort jobs’ category at the bottom of this news item.

You’ll find plenty of advice about what we’re looking for, and also what we’re NOT looking for. So if you fancy giving it a crack and getting paid well for what you do, give us a call or fill in an application form!

Right then, so the girl has got her kit off, and all that remains is for us to thank everyone for filling our August stats page with over one million views.

Keep visiting and we’ll see you next time!



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