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Ava Saving the Ball

Ava Saving the Ball

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Last Updated on Sunday, March 12, 2023

Ava Saving the Ball

So after the departure of Shelly earlier this week, it was Ava saving the ball to keep our clients happy and fulfilled.

We’d received an application for a phone interview yesterday (Tuesday 24/3/21), and knowing how these types of interview were rife with fakes and agency hoppers, we were not looking forward to it in the slightest.

Nevertheless, we soldiered on, and what a pleasant surprise awaited us!

We gave AVA an initial call to set things up for a video call, and of course she needed to ‘slop the lippy on’, and said we could do the video call in about an hour.

Thinking that nothing more would come of it, imagine us scrambling around to find the Whatsapp video-call ringing to find this really sweet looking girl waiting for us.

Initialy struggling to find ‘landscape’ mode, we just told her to put the phone on it’s side, so that we could chat properly.

We found that AVA had never done this type of work before, but had previously tried advertising on Vivastreet.

Asking how it went on there, she replied that she’d been charged £12.99 for the first week, then the ad had been cancelled by VS for no apparent reason.

We of course KNEW the reason, which was that all the pimps and streetwalkers advertising their wares on VS with fake photos, tend to complain when a real girl comes along, so they complain and get the ad removed.

That’s one of the reasons that WE left Vivastreet!

Anyway, we set out our stall, and Ava asked some really intuitive questions that made the interview go along swimmingly.

We then started mentioning the ‘services’, and eventually working out that OWO meant ‘oral without’, and DFK meant ‘Deep French Kissing’, the whole thing was as enlightening for Ava as it was for us.

Then came something that we always insist on – the ‘twirl’.

A ‘twirl’ is especially important in a phone interview, so that any ‘double stomachs’ cannot be hidden.

Ava climbed up on her bed, and made a point of flashing her arse at the camera, and obviously it was a hugely successful twirl.

We’d worked out the vital stats, (and we were pretty damn close!), and with this final excercise, Ava was offered the staff position on the spot.

We’ll have to see how it goes with her living in Loughborough, and only being available from 10am to 10pm, but hopefully this ‘posh totty’ will enthrall you in the flesh, just as much as she enthralled us on the phone call.

Ava is now presented to you with our highest recommendation!

Ava Saving the Ball was originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the SECRET DIARY team.


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