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baby baby baby

Baby Baby Baby

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Baby Baby Baby

We’ve got another blast of electronica for you this time in the Music Box from a band called ‘Make The Girl Dance’ playing Baby Baby Baby.

Baby Baby Baby is the first single from a Parisian techno/rock band called Make The Girl Danceand has had many millions of views on DailyMotion, It was filmed in a popular Paris market street – Rue Montorgueil (“Mount Pride”) – in the middle of the day. 2 o’clock actually – after the lunch crowd.

If you look carefully you’ll see it in mirror-effect. This is intentional. It’s to get around the laws about privacy and advertising in France. By flipping the picture or using a mirror to watch it, you can read the signs and or brands that appear therefore making it quicker and cheaper than having to obliterate each and every brand name that appears. The eyes of the passers-by are barred out to do away with the need for Model Releases.

We’ve actually got TWO versions of the video for you to view. Sadly, we weren’t able to get a fully uncensored version for you to see, but then again – where would they put the captions in a fully naked version?

This first version is shown in its raw form, complete with French captions, as the girls are singing in French believe it or not.

Enjoy three extremely nice bits of French totty walking naked down the streets of France, using only the captions to cover their blushes!

We’ve only just found this second version, and it comes complete with ENGLISH subtitles so that you can see what the girls are on about.

We much prefer the French version, as the captions are easier on the eye – but reading the English captions lets you realise just how sexy and whorey the lyrics are:

There you go then, two complete versions of the same song from Make the Girl Dance.

We sincerely hope that you didn’t take the advice to watch through a mirror to view the branding, as that would be just a little bit sad :).

Join us next time in the Music Box for more saucy videos!

Originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the MUSIC BOX team.

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