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back burner

Back Burner

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Last Updated on Sunday, March 12, 2023

Back Burner

We’ve had to throw a couple or three things on the back burner since the last post – here’s what’s been happening in Midlands Maidens land:

Our main sticking point has been the lead image, which due to it needing to be viewable on a mobile phone meant that we needed to build two identical lead image sections, and make one of them visible on desktops, and one of them visible on mobile phones.

This became a bit of a nightmare as far as the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) was concerned, with duplicate content being rife as ALL content, whether it’s only visible on certain devices or not, is visible to search crawlers.

We therefore had three choices:

1) Ignore the different devices completely (not really an option though…)

2) Use some software that changed the images depending on which device was being used.

3) Use a slider that is fully responsive (always visible on whichever device is being used).

So we tried out the following two pieces of software:

Responsive Pro from the Envato Market,

Smart Slider 3 from Smart Slider.

Responsive Pro looked promising, especially as our theme developer recommended it.

Responsive Pro Back Burner Post

However less than an hour in, we were complaining that it didn’t work, and could the support team set up a demo so that we could see their settings.

This ‘demo’ that they constructed again used multiple sections, and we pointed out that we could have done that without needing to use Responsive Pro, and demanded a refund.

Knowing how the Envato Market doesn’t like giving refunds, we made a point of duplicating all of the comments made into the Envato Market comments section together with the Responsive Pro ticketing system.

When asked if we could stop spamming, we just replied that we were not spamming – we were just getting screenshots in case our bank needed to get involved.

This seemed to have the desired effect, and the refund came through the next day.

We were playing around with Smart Slider 3 over a year ago, and whilst the sliders looked ok, they were too fiddly to set up for different devices.

Smart Slider 3 Back Burner Post

No such problems on this latest version though, and even though we tested out the free version first, within a couple of days we purchased the professional version.

Although ‘sliders’ are the main functionality with Smart Slider, full webpages can be built too, and we have added Smart Slider to our homepage, the ABOUT page, and we tested out a full webpage version on the EXIT PAGE.

Expect to see more sliders and webpages popping up soon!

So the knock-on effect of this back burner syndrome is that all blog posts, including the May update, and the May Niche Monthly have had to be rain-checked whilst various support teams were messing around on the website.

That’s not a problem now though, and whilst the May update can be seen within this blog post, the May Niche Monthly will be coming out within the next few days at most.

Remember to subscribe to get news on all post updates, including the Niche Monthly ones, and we’ll see you next time!

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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