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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

You’ll have noticed by now, that we’ve reverted our website name back to Midlands Maidens. Read on to find out why we returned back home.

Back at the end of July, our consulting team advised us to change the website name, and we chose to use ‘Nottingham-Escorts’ together with a ‘top level domain’ extension.

This has never really caught on in our minds, and whilst the name change was live, we only answered the phone with ‘hello, Nottingham Escorts’ twice, maybe three times, preferring instead to use our brand name to announce who we were.

The brand name technically though had gone, so yesterday morning we decided to put on an old pair of slippers, throw on a Spotify playlist, and come back home to the Midlands Maidens brand.

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Looks like Midlands Maidens wanted their brand-name back…

The Process

Just like before in July, we left all the technical stuff to our hosts at Krystal, who had it all completed before breakfast.

A couple of observations with reverting back to a brand name then became quite clear:

It was mentioned that seeing as the brand name was no longer in the address (url), then we were in danger of losing all of our SEO benefits.

Luckily, we were able to reverse the address (url) change in Google Search Console too, so that as far as Google is concerned, never existed.

We also reckon that the consulting team needs firing, following their oversights.

At around 3.30pm yesterday afternoon, all of the ‘search and replace’ had been done (to change the website links to and all of the social media links had been changed back too.

So at around 25 or 6 to 4, we sat down with a well deserved coffee:

Hope you like what we did there, plus it’s an excellent tune from way back when we used to go headbanging at Warrows Wine Bar in Nottingham City Centre.

Welcome back home to Midlands Maidens, and happy bookings to everyone!

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