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How to be a Casanova

Become a Casanova

Last Updated on Sunday, March 27, 2022 by Midlands Maidens

Become a Casanova

Become a Casanova By Sleeping With the Pros

Practice makes perfect, so why not practice something that feels amazing when you get all sweaty and worked up?

After running around on the pitch you only get a shower at the end, but if you spend some bedroom time with a beautiful model, you get a much better feeling to wrap it all up.

Similarly, just as you get better with your penalty kicks the more you practice them, the more time you spend trying new things with a sexy woman, the better you’ll be at pleasuring all the future partners down the road (or on vacation).

So cast any second thoughts or squeamish misgivings aside, because tonight is not just the night to have plenty of naughty fun, but to become the love guru you always dreamed you could be.

Become a Casanova – Finding the Right Escort For You

Escort websites have made it much easier to set up these appointments, and if you’ve spent any time on a dating site or hook-up app, then you’re essentially ready to go, because they are set up virtually the same.

There may be plenty of profiles on the main page, but the first thing you’re going to want to do is to make sure you’re searching for models in your area. There’s no point in getting excited by a photo or a profile only to notice that they’re on the other side of the country (of course, if you’re patient and willing to pay the train fare, it’s not out of the question).

You’ll be surprised that no matter where you are in the UK, you’ll never be far from ladies looking to show you a good time.

The profiles can be arranged based on anything you want: physical traits, background, services provided. Each profile will be a little window into their world, from their turn-ons (and offs), as well as a brief bio. It helps to read these, because the better you get on with them, the better you will get it on with them.

Many top escort sites even have a client comment area on each profile so you can get the low-down from people who have actually spent some time with the model. So don’t rush into booking, and make sure you read up on Nottingham, Bristol, or London Escorts reviews.

When booking, be sure to confirm that it is an in-call or out-call appointment. The first is where you go to the escort’s home or flat, and the second is where they go to meet you at your place or a hotel room you’ve booked. Some escorts do both, and some do just one or the other. Keep in mind that for out-calls, you may be responsible for the hotel room and the transportation, so keep that in mind in terms of planning.

Become a Casanova – Sex 101: Class is in Session

Fumbling around as a teenager and young adult is just part of the learning process when it comes to sex, and if you were a quick learner, then congratulations. However, if you need a bit more practice with someone you don’t have to spend any time with after you (hopefully) both finish, then an escort is perfect.

Because of the nature of the meeting, the model will not judge you on your abilities, and if you are open about wanting to get better in the bedroom, then chances are she won’t mind giving you some tips about the best way to get women in the mood when it counts.

In fact, if you mention this while booking, she might even have some time to prepare and have some special toys to make the ‘lesson’ a lot more exciting.

Trying one position and then another might seem a bit clinical and not quite romantic, but at the same time having sex with a teacher can be a bit of fantasy all by itself. It doesn’t just have to be sex, either, as you can get some tips on how to best flirt and make an appropriate move before the clothes even come off. The more excited you can make a woman while just having drinks, the more eager she will be for whatever happens next.

Become a Casanova – Getting Kinky: Advanced Studies

Let’s get one thing clear, there’s nothing wrong at all with what is considered vanilla sex. You can have an amazing time with some foreplay, some dirty and some ‘sore in the morning’ positions and be absolutely happy. In fact, this is so expected and commonplace that it’s got the point where sex positions are talked about in magazines like they were on a shopping list.

However if you’ve ever been interested in exploring a little bit more, to see if there’s anyone other experiences that might tickle your fancy, you can be sure that a sexy escort is the best way to find out. Spending some time on an escort site and you might find a list of different services offered by some models you didn’t even know existed.

By far the best known is BDSM, which involves one person getting turned on by punishing and embarrassing their partner, and the partner getting turned on by being punished and embarrassed. It’s known as the master-slave relationship, and you’ll find plenty of escorts who are willing to become a dominatrix for an evening and tie you and spank you to drive you wild with lust. Don’t worry, if it ever gets too intense for you, that’s what the safe word is for.

Beyond those four letters, there are plenty of other fetishes that could involve certain body parts, various toys (some sexual in nature, some not), as well as roleplaying, which might not involve anything more than a bit of acting. Pretending to be someone else can make certain fantasies come true, no matter how taboo, and don’t worry if neither of you are award-winning actors, even just a few sexy lines can be enough.

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