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Becoming a Maidenette

Becoming a Maidenette

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Becoming a Maidenette

Recently we re-opened our Maidenettes project. This post explains our reasoning and a few tips on becoming a Maidenette.

A few years ago, we opened a section named ‘Maidenettes’ whereby any new girl that joined us would immediately get set on as a Maidenette until they’d been for a photo shoot when the girl would then become a fully-fledged Midlands Maiden.

This was a really popular addition to the website, and many clients were just phoning up to enquire which Maidenettes were available.

With us now just concentrating on ‘selfie’ photos rather than professional shoots, however, this all changed as girls didn’t now need to go for a professional photoshoot but could use their own selfies to show clients who were available, removing the need for a Maidenettes section.

The problem with this way of working is that many applicants were now starting to ‘drag their heels’ on sending photos over, and yet happened to be the most vocal in asking when the bookings would start coming in for them.

So we think that we’ve come up with a good compromise:

Starting from the next girl that is taken on to be represented by Midlands Maidens – until the girl has sent her photos over for editing and approval, and until her profile page is created, that girl will be taken on as a Maidenette.

This also gives us a brief insight into the girl’s ability to answer the phone and her ‘ice-breaking’ chat with clients, and also gives our clients the opportunity to provide valuable feedback as regards the girl’s performance, her attitude, her punctuality, the services that she supplies, and any other relevant information that we might have missed at the interview.

We also have an incredible ability to sort out which feedback is true, and which feedback is fake – so this feedback will mainly be taken from regular clients only.

As the new girl is not yet visible to the clients and they have to go on our word that the girl meets our high standards, all Maidenettes will have a new pricing scale:

For Maidenettes Only:

First hour: £140.

Subsequent hours: £100.

This price includes your free phone call and all services on the appointment will remain free of charge.

Why £140 for the first hour?

This is done intentionally to reflect on other agencies in this region who use fake photos and do not allow the girl to call you, and for all you know, a Bulgarian weightlifter who does no services will turn up to meet/scam/fleece you.

Bulgarian weightlifter

Midlands Maidens will ALWAYS insist that the girl gives the client an ‘ice breaker’ phone call if only to assure that she is not Bulgarian, and to assure that she meets the client’s expectation on services.

You can rest assured that the girl calling you has been met and interviewed by us, and indeed does meet our high standards – the only reason that there is a twenty pounds difference in the first-hour price is that she hasn’t sent her photos over yet.

Once the girl sends her photos over to us, she will be commanding our higher tier of £160 for the first hour.

And now, the tips on Becoming a Maidenette:

Even though you will be joining us at a lower pricing scale than you will be at until you send your photos over, the interview to become a Maidenette will be just as strict to uphold our high standards, for when you become a fully-fledged Maiden.

Firstly, you should consider researching ourselves, and our competitors:

Girl using a laptop

This is of course optional, but we find that it’s always an advantage to see how your chosen agency is treating its clients, as well as their girls.

A couple of things to bear in mind during your research are:

  • How long does it take the agency to respond to you?
  • How easy (or hard) is it to get an interview with your chosen agency?
  • What is your chosen agency’s policy on photos, or don’t they need them?

The above are just three of the questions that we add to our presentation at Midlands Maidens, and any others would be most welcome.

Next, you should be prepared to answer where you have worked before.

Interview Techniques

We will only be asking about the adult industry in this section, but you can feel free to add any seemingly unrelated jobs, as they could prove to be an asset within this industry.

Finally, we will discuss your phone manner.

Your phone manner will have been noted from the first point of contact actually as if it’s a truly horrendous experience to talk to you, then you wouldn’t be invited down for a face to face interview.

Girl on a phone - Becoming a Maidenette

All that the phone manner portion is about is to make sure that you don’t give too much personal information away to a client, especially your phone number, and if you didn’t know how to withhold your number, we would arrange to send any contact information to you in a with-held format.

So I passed the interview, any more tips on becoming a Maidenette?

Well not really, no – except to say that you should now be concentrating on getting your photos over to us and becoming a full Maiden.

Becoming a Maidenette

Becoming a full Maiden puts you on the top tier of our pricing scale and you will receive a profile page on which a few of your photos will be shown.

If you decide to use selfies, these should be sent over within a couple of days, when we can work our magic with them, send them back for your approval, and finally get them published on the website.

We also accept professional shoots, but these would initially have to be paid for by the girl. We would then charge no agency fees until they have been paid for, and then Midlands Maidens would own the copyright to these.

Our rules might seem a little outdated and even draconian to many applicants, but with 16 years of experience in dealing with girls and clients, and realising that safety is paramount within all appointments booked through this agency, we sort of know what we’re on about.

To start this process, simply visit our ESCORT JOBS page and fill in the application form, or you can also apply via the WhatsApp logo at the bottom of the page, or you can call us on 07983-910-208 for immediate attention.

We look forward to meeting you and inviting you to join our staff list!

Originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.

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