Biggest Decimation Yet

Biggest Decimation Yet

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Last Updated on Thursday, August 24, 2023

Biggest Decimation Yet

So we’ve given it a couple of weeks since the end of lockdown announcement, and we’re embarking on our biggest decimation yet!

We’re getting rid of FOUR of our SEVEN escort girls and commiting them to quicksand duties, leaving just THREE active escorts live, and one of those is pushing it a little.

We’ve got rid of all three of our Thai/Chinese girls, and our American Lollicon, purely so that we don’t have to keep making excuses up as to why they’re not available.

The lead image this time shows two washing lines of panties, waiting for new girls to fill them 🙂

The decimation girls for this time are:



Mimi and


…who will all have disappeared by the time you read this post.

On a personal note, it was getting a little pointless giving out a combination of Grace, Louise and Tanya, being available for appointments every night. With this lastest decimation though, we can just say ‘everyone is working.

The 2020/2021 lockdowns would have had a big part to play in this biggest decimation yet, but with us going on promises that the girls would be taking calls following the end of lockdown, all of their calls went straight to voicemail

Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts then are looking for at least seven new girls of any nationality to make up for the seven girls that we’ve exiled.

As mentioned elsewhere on this website, punctuality is a MUST, together with the answering of phone-calls if you’re called on.

We would prefer girls that are local to Nottingham (as that’s where the majority of appointments take place), and ideally you should also be able to drive.

We allow you to use your own driver, but we cannot tolerate anyone using buses or trains to get to their bookings.

You should be able to get to any local appointment within an hour of speaking to the client whether this would be at 2 in the afternoon, or at 4.30 in the morning

Midlands Maidens does NOT advocate the use of alcohol or ‘chemical hits’ either before or during any booking with one of our clients, and those girls found to be flaunting this rule will find that their career at Midlands Maidens is very short-lived.

Once again, we’ll add a couple of videos from our YouTube channel to show what we mean:

So whether you’re an experienced escort or have no experience at all, and can answer your phone whenever you’re called on, and are incredibly punctual – in those cases we’d love to hear from you!

This industry is a career waiting to happen for the right girls, so either contact us by phone on 07983-910-208 or fill in the application form on the ESCORT JOBS page, and we’ll call any good-looking prospects back within 48 hours.

Good luck with your application!

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