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Blow Up

Blow Up

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Blow Up

Visitors to the website on certain browsers might have noticed that we had a bit of a blow up yesterday, which needed rectifying immediately.

Safe in the knowledge that we were now using Krystal Hosting however, this was all solved around ten minutes after the error was found.

Here is a brief schematic of how things unfolded:

1 pm – We got a notification that there were tons of 500 server errors being generated from the website from our caching server, which meant that critical CSS could not be generated.

This is some purely technical stuff that most viewers won’t know, or care about, but it DID have the consequence that the website had turned a garish white colour.

1.15 pm – Contacted Krystal to see what was happening. Krystal suggested implementing a snapshot from yesterday when the website was still running fine.

We suggested taking the snapshot from TWO days ago when we would be able to compare different coding structures as we had been messing around with website codes.

So two days ago was agreed on.

1.45 pm – With the snapshot installed and everything back to normal, we set about examining the code structure, plus four website plugins that now needed updating.

We also needed to wake up Leela who was suffering from jet-lag, but due out on a booking, and needed to go to Ann Summers for her own kind of blow up toys :)

2 pm – Code structure examined and passed as working, we started on the updates of the website plugins. these were all done in single instances to see what effect they would have on the website.

All of a sudden, there it was – our analytics software had had a dodgy update and was turning the website into the aforementioned garish white colour.

2.15 pm – Analytics software deleted and binned, and the website was back to normal! Our caching software breathed a sigh of relief and got on with regenerating the critical CSS.

A huge thanks to Krystal Hosting for helping out with this problem, and you’re always welcome to join us for a few pints of Guinness if you’re up here!

The New Analytics Software.

Thanks to the old analytics software having a hissy fit and blow up, we were now on the lookout for new software to brighten up our STATISTICS PAGE.

We’d actually got something in reserve and placed it after about half an hour.

So now on that page, there is the user’s name (or guest visitor), together with which page they’re viewing, which website or page they came from to get there, and where they’re from as regards their IP address.

Sure all that is a bit stalky, but as all the visitors are marked as ‘guest’, that means everyone’s privacy is withheld.

Down at the bottom of the list is a selection of ‘bots’ that are on the website, giving everyone some self-confidence that Google, Bing and whatever are having a good nosy about.

Other New Features.

The first thing immediately obvious is that our ‘live search’ is back. So now you have a choice of doing a normal search by ignoring the live search and seeing which results you get taken to – or you can use the Live Search to see which pages you are going to visit before even clicking on them!

Something we installed around a month ago now, and only works on Google Chrome or Opera browsers (and a few mobile ones) is the slimmed-down sidebar which looks really cool if you’re using a compatible browser (Firefox, Edge and IE are not supported as yet) and for those webmasters that wanted to try out their OWN new sidebar, here is the code we are using:

::-webkit-scrollbar {
-webkit-appearance: none;
::-webkit-scrollbar {
width: 10px;

::-webkit-scrollbar-track {
background: #161616; 
border:0px solid #ccc;

::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb {
background: #000000; 
border:0px solid #eee;

::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:hover {
background: #404040; 

Just install that into your CSS file and away you go!

It should be noted that the colours are set to our own website.

If you wanted to change it to your OWN colours, then simply change the background colour codes in ‘scrollbar-track’, ‘scrollbar-thumb’, and ‘scrollbar-thumb: hover’ to your own liking.

Nice little freebie there from Midlands Maidens!

This has been one of our longer and less totty-fied posts, but we thought that some explanation was needed for our website blow up yesterday, and the reasons and solutions used to rectify it.

Oh, and Leela’s new toys went down really well for those of you who were wondering!

Proudly published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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