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booking nottingham escorts

Booking Nottingham Escorts – 6 Tips for Punters

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Last Updated on Monday, August 21, 2023

Booking Nottingham Escorts – 6 Tips for Punters

Following hot on the heels of our ‘being a Nottingham escort’ post, we now have a post dedicated to Booking Nottingham Escorts.

Again this should be quite a long post, as many customers seem to have ‘got the wrong number’, or lose all respect when one of the girls phone them up.

This post then describes how our clients should behave if they wanted to get a Maidens Experience as opposed to kerb crawling.

Without any further ado, let’s go!

Choose Your Booking Location

booking nottingham escorts 1

When you’re trying to contact us regarding booking Nottingham escorts, choosing your correct location sounds easy, doesn’t it?

In fact nothing could be further off the mark.

Those people residing in permanent locations in Nottingham, Mansfield or Derby are easy to arrange bookings for, but it’s those in hotels, lodgings, or on the outer limits of those above areas that give the most problems.

Nottingham(shire) for instance contains Newark and Grantham, both of which are a 20 – 30 miles trip out.

Mansfield, which just comes under our 15 miles limit for local bookings, assumes that appointments for Mansfield Woodhouse, Warsop and Worksop will carry the same local rates – which in fact they don’t.

Derby again just comes inside our local rates limits, but potential clients in Ashbourne, Burton and Chapel-en-le-Frith might get a little bit annoyed when the out of town rates need to kick in.

It also gets a little annoying when someone rings up and asks us to send someone over to ‘The Travelodge’.

Considering that there are around 5 Travelodge’s in Nottingham alone, and many more in outlying areas, a postcode for that hotel might come in helpful!

So when declaring your appointment location for booking Nottingham escorts, please add your address first, then the area, then the postcode.

That way, we can allocate your appointment to a local girl, to a girl that needs to book a cab, or to a girl that drives or needs a driver to take her over to you.


At present, we are only offering incall appointments to regular clients – customers that have used us in the previous six months.

Ok, so we might be losing tons of work because of this, but it’s done with the girls’ safety in mind.

Would YOU open your door and let in an undesirable troublemaker?

No, and neither would we.

When booking Nottingham escorts, we’re not suggesting for one minute that ALL new clients are undesirable troublemakers, but if our policy on incalls saves even one girl from un-needed hassle, then our policy is fully warranted.

Choose Your Booking Time

booking nottingham escorts 4

You need to consider when booking Nottingham escorts, that it takes time for the girl to reach your location.

Contrary to popular opinion, our girls are not sitting around in twangers, waiting for your call, with a fleet of helicopters that can drop them off within 5 minutes.

ALL clients, be they regular or not, are told that their chosen girl will call them as soon as possible, and can then tell them exactly how long they will be.

As a rule of thumb, we ALWAYS tell the client that it could be up to an hour before the girl gets to your location.

The girl on her phone call MIGHT tell you that this time can be reduced, but this will be unlikely if she first has to get bathed, get her chosen kit on, and then get over to your place.

Midlands Maidens have a policy of not lying to clients, so anyone needing a girl with them within 30 minutes, or we’ve even had clients asking for girls within 5/10 minutes, will be politely told to try elsewhere – where you will be waiting for anywhere up to three hours due to your unreasonable demands.

Choose Your Girl and Services

booking nottingham escorts 2

When booking Nottingham escorts through Midlands Maidens, we pride ourselves on sending the correct girl over to the correct appointment.

During your initial call to the office, we will be listening out for your ideal type of girl, and any services you might be wanting, so that this can be matched up with one or more of our girls.

It is a lot easier to match you up though if you’ve already picked a girl from our GALLERY PAGES and studied her ‘Likes’ to see which services she enjoys performing.

Once all of this is done, just wait for the phone call from the girl and any appointment times can be made there and then.

Contacting Midlands Maidens

booking nottingham escorts 5

We made it really easy for booking Nottingham escorts from Midlands Maidens, by operating a 24-hour phone line.

This doesn’t appear to be enough for some people though, and they try to complicate things by doing it their own way.

Phone calls are ALWAYS answered 24/7 and so this is the best way to get in touch.

Here are a few ‘own way’ methods that are either ignored, answered in our own time, or laughed at:

Text Messages

text messages

Text messages are the bane of every escort agency and are usually the preferred method of contact for time-wasters.

You will see text messages saying that they cannot take a call as they are driving, are in the office, are just finishing work, or a myriad of other unfathomable reasons.

If only for complying with health and safety at work, or by complying with DVLA laws, Midlands Maidens do NOT accept text message bookings.

Booking Nottingham Escorts via WhatsApp


Just one step up from text messages comes the WhatsApp booking.

‘Clients’ seem to think that this new-fangled technology will REALLY impress us when in actual fact it’s just a text message that you don’t have to pay for.

People trying to have a go at booking Nottingham escorts Midlands Maidens via WhatsApp will now find that we only use WhatsApp Web, so any bookings made in this way might not be seen until the next day.

Booking Nottingham Escorts via Email

We have no problem with appointments made via email – in fact, this is the preferred method of contact for clients wanting to make an advanced booking.

What we DO have problems with, however, is ‘clients’ that have failed miserably with their text messages and WhatsApp’s hoping that their appointment will now be secured via email.

Email bookings should only be used by clients wanting advanced bookings, as your message might not be opened until the next day.

Booking Nottingham Escorts – Your Payment

booking nottingham escorts 3

We’ve left this item until last, though in effect any payments due to the escort should be made in advance of the booking going ahead so that there are no concerns from either side.

Midlands Maidens are unique amongst local providers in offering three easy ways to pay – by cash, by bank transfer, or by credit card.

A couple of brief rules on these methods of payment are outlined below:

Payment by Cash

paying by cash

Payment by cash is acceptable to ALL escorts at Midlands Maidens, and to the majority of our clients.

Your cash payment should be offered within ten minutes of the girl arriving and before any physical contact is made.

Once the payment is confirmed as being correct, the agency will be informed by the girl that she has safely arrived and that the appointment can now go ahead.

Payment by Bank Transfer

paying by bank transfer

This method of payment is becoming increasingly popular with our clients, and also with our girls.

When booking a Nottingham escort, your chosen girl will give you a call prior to you making a bank transfer, to confirm that she is indeed available, and to confirm that the services she enjoys are true.

After the phone call, you will need to deposit your payment by either phoning us back to get the Midlands Maidens account details, or if she so wishes, the girl may accept a payment into her own account.

Note that the majority of bank accounts will transfer your payment over straight away, but we have had problems in the past with Santander and CoOp bank dragging their heels over their transfers.

In these cases, we cannot send the girl over until your payment hits our account, but if you are patient (you MUST be if you have a Santander or CoOp account πŸ™‚ ) the girl will come over straight after.

Alternatively, you can ask for a refund, which we will pay in full as soon as your payment finally hits our account.

Payment by Credit Card

paying by credit card

Most of the girls at Midlands Maidens will accept credit/debit card payments, but contrary to popular belief, they do not run around town with card machines.

Again we would ask the girl to contact you so that you can confirm her availability and services, but then you would have to call the agency back to take advantage of our credit card system.

There will be no tell-tale signs of an escort agency payment, just a ‘card not present’ item on your monthly bill.

You would need to give us your card number, your name, and your address so that we can run your card through our ‘Fraud Prevention System’ which carries a 5% charge, but in the majority of cases, this will go straight through.

The FPS saved our arses only last weekend when two stolen credit cards were attempted to be submitted but the FPS soon sorted that out.

After the police were informed, we were commended for using an FPS for our credit card payments, and as far as we know, the perpetrator is still being looked for.


have fun

So you’ve chosen your girl, she’s knocking at your door, she greets you with an alluring smile, and you’ve got your very own girl to pamper and share a wonderful experience with.

It was all worth it in the end, wasn’t it?

Enjoy, and Happy Bookings!


Booking Nottingham Escorts – 6 Tips for Punters

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