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Last Updated on Sunday, March 27, 2022 by Midlands Maidens


We’ve been trying another new piece of software at Midlands Maidens, and it shows that the bookmarks that many people are using are wrong.

There’s nothing wrong with this, as we’ve got all the re-directs in place that will bring you to the main website, even with a ‘wrong’ bookmark.

This means that anyone using a midlandsmaidens-escorts, or a nottingham-escorts, or any other domain that we’ve previously used, will get redirected back to this website, but wouldn’t it be nice to take out the middle-man and come straight to your chosen content?

Here then, is a tutorial on How to change your bookmarks:

For a pc or laptop (two methods):

We’ll assume that you’re using Google Chrome for this, but the method should be the same(ish) on most browsers.

Saving to the Bookmarks Bar:

1) Go to the page that you wanted to view (it doesn’t matter if you were re-directed), and hold your mouse pointer down on the title of that page.

2) Whilst keeping the mouse held down, drag your pointer up to the ‘bookmarks bar’, then let go when you see the upright line.

Your chosen website is then bookmarked with the new address.

Saving to a new folder:

1) Again go to the page that you wanted to save, and look for the little white star on the right of the address bar.

2) Click on the little white star and it will turn blue or Yellow, and a list of folders will appear.

3) Choose your folder, and the bookmark will be saved in there.

Saving bookmarks to a mobile:

This one is a little more complicated, but still easy for mobile phone users.

1) First find the website that you wanted to view (it doesn’t matter if you were re-directed there).

2) Click onto the three dots at the top right of your browser, and look for the little white star, right at the top, and click onto it.

3) Your chosen website is now bookmarked, and the following video explains how to sort your bookmarks into folders:

So you see it’s all really simple, no matter which method or device you choose, and this is all designed to cut out the ‘middle-man’ and get you to your websites, and even specific blog posts even faster than you thought possible!

Originally Published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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