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News from the Midlands Maidens Blog

We are well known for our total transparency and clarity with everything concerning our girls, clients, and their appointments.
A nice techie post this time on the Midlands Maidens blog, that takes advantage of our new 'push-ups' software, and a totty gallery to boot.
Lockdown Returns
Another un-needed lockdown returns this week (Thursday), as the UK Government try their best to make it a 'No-Nut-November' for everyone.
Re-racks And Cigars
Re-Racks and Cigars
This is actually a 'techie post' though you'd never guess it from the title, so join us and see why 'Re-Racks and Cigars' was so apt.
Back Home
Back Home
You'll have noticed by now, that we've reverted our website name back to Midlands Maidens. Read on to find out why we returned back home.
Sex Bubble
Sex Bubble
Looks like COVID19 is doing the rounds again, but we think that we've found the ideal solution with our Midlands Maidens sex bubble.
Midlands Maidens Jobs
Midlands Maidens Jobs
Midlands Maidens Jobs - We were advised last night that one of the soaps is running an escort story-line. Is it all really easy money?
Free Movies
Free Movies
Following the removal of our 'Moviedrome' page, we've been perpetually looking for a way to bring you free movies to watch on our website.
Another new girl sank faster than quicksand this weekend, after she had reigned for just 3 days. See why she didn't deserve a second chance
We've added a couple of new play-fings to keep you occupied on Midlands Maidens - here is a quick run-down on what's new.
Decimation Pt3
Decimation pt3
Following some more awful work-ethics, another staff member has fallen foul of our removal projects this time in Decimation pt3.
The Deposit Scam
The Deposit Scam
We've just been doing a little 'lurking' on UKPunting to see how the other half lives, and the deposit scam seems to have reared its ugly head again.
Covid Recruitment
COVID Recruitment
It's business as usual at Midlands Maidens, despite the subtle name change, and this includes our COVID recruitment schedule.
Two Lines
Two Lines Equals Full Swap
Cool name for the post title, but two lines of what? Coke? Rounds of shots? No - this involves two lines of coding that swaps out a URL.
Ticket To Write
Ticket to Write
We've got a few things to tell you since the last post, some good things, some excellent things and some poor things. This is our ticket to write!
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