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Chilly English

Chilly English to Go, Please?

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Chilly English to Go, Please?

It’s another interview day at Midlands Maidens, and this time we focus on a chilly English girl who turned up to meet us.

Applicant – Imogen.

Interview partner – Angelina.

Location – The Priory.

Interview time – 3 pm.

The Priory has in fact changed its name due to marketing pressure, but as it was built on the grounds of the Lenton Abbey priory grounds, that would seem to be all the marketing that should be needed, and in our eyes, will always be known as the Priory.

Prices there are ridiculously expensive, and we both nearly dropped through the floor as the first round of two drinks cost nearly a tenner!

Anyway, on to the interview.

Imogen turned up on time, slightly before 3 pm, and at first sight, she was the ideal new Maiden, around 5’6″ tall, 28yrs old, blonde hair with blue eyes, dress size 8, and a bust size of 32D (enhanced).

‘At first sight’ is the point here though, and that’s what interviews are for, so we soldiered on.

We got the wages out of the way first, as that was what she seemed to be preoccupied about. We also made it clear that this is an all-inclusive agency, so there would be no extra charges for transport in the local area, or for services.

The services were just about acceptable, no anal, no girl on girl (bisexuality), but would consider OWO and GFE.

Quite frankly we were ready to accept her on the spot, she was that pretty – but something made us carry on… and this is how she failed her application.

There was NO eye contact whatsoever between either Imogen and myself or Angelina, it turned out that she had NO phone credit, meaning that she couldn’t give a callback to clients.

Also, the story she had about a sugar daddy from Sydney in Australia somehow didn’t ring true.

Then some strange observations about cocaine came up, with her wondering if she’d have to take it with clients.

A really weird suggestion from a girl that had never done escorting before, but who is on the ‘Seeking Arrangements’ website, and as previously mentioned on ‘Sugar Daddy’, which is a stomping ground for failed escorts.

So let’s get this right – we’ve got a chilly English girl who flies over to Australia for £200 a night, and yet needs to get a sub from a friend to pay for an Uber to the Priory, which we chose because that was the nearest location to her, and has no phone credit?

Something just didn’t seem right, so against all the will in the world, we had to reject her.

As a footnote, we still weren’t absolutely sure about the interview result, so when a call came in from a regular client, we thought we’d let her try it.

Guess what?

No reply.

So it looked like we made the right choice after all.

Exit Imogen, the chilly English blonde, whom we wish all the best in the future.

Originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the SECRET DIARY team.


We’d forgotten all about Imogen until another applicant turned up last week saying that they knew her.

Like Imogen, the applicant started working at Feline Escorts, as described in our ‘Then There Were Three‘ post.

Turns out that Imogen got the sack from Feline for punching a customer – no doubt for criticising her Girl Friend Experience techniques?

So even though Imogen was really beautiful, it looks like Midlands Maidens made the right choice again!


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