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Cloudbusting - Handmaids Tale

Cloudbusting/The Handmaids Tale

Last Updated on Sunday, March 27, 2022 by Midlands Maidens

Cloudbusting/The Handmaids Tale

Something a little different this time in the Music Box, as rather than showing a full video, we’re showing Cloudbusting from The Handmaids Tale.

Cloudbusting was originally made famous by Kate Bush, in a little mini-film starring Donald Sutherland, and for those who wanted to watch the original film, it’s tagged on at the end of this post.

So why did we choose to show the version shown (and more) from The Handmaids Tale?

Quite simply it’s a work of pure genius, both musically and cinematically, but for those who haven’t seen the series, here is a brief run-down of what has gone before (may contain spoilers!)

In a not to distant future, America is ravaged by a plague that renders all the women barren except for a select few.

The men of America collect all these few women together and deny them the rights to read, to write, and most things except knitting – which is fine.

A new state is created, called Gilead, where the people populating it are religious cranks, and those un-barren women are now ’employed’ as Handmaidens.

Far from being treated with respect, the Handmaidens have their eyes plucked out indiscriminately, they have their fingers or hands chopped off for daring to read or write, and hung from ‘the wall’ in militia style executions.

Their identities are stripped away, and they are forced to take a new name – OF-and whichever Commander they are servicing at present. In the scene we’re showing, our heroine June is going under the name of OfJoshua, though she has had a baby with another Commander when she was known as OfFred.

The girls in our agency have all refused point-blank to be called OfSteve by the way :)

They are then forced to have sex with the ‘Commanders’ whilst the wife holds them down and the Commanders can then presume that they are then shagging the missus.

In this first scene of the three we’re showing, a particularly nasty Commander named Winslow meets up with our heroine June, in a seedy brothel/bar called Jezebels, that is populated by whores, purely for if the Commander fancies something different from a Handmaiden.

In this next scene, we see commander Fred getting arrested as a war criminal in Canada, as Canada does not agree with Gilead state laws.

A few cheers went up from the office as this similarly nasty piece of work found himself being dragged away.

And so to the final part, where we see the ‘Marthas’ cleaning up after Winslow being stabbed, and turning the whole scene into something as though he had never existed.

Apart from featuring the Cloudbusting song in its entirety, we hope you were watching closely as June first stabbed Winslow with a pen, and then caved his head in with a statue of a woman – both being strict offences under Gilead law.

So endeth episode eleven of The Handmaids Tale and we now add the original version of Cloudbusting by Kate Bush and featuring Donald Sutherland in a mini featurette that is not too far removed from The Handmaids Tale above.

We hope you enjoyed all the videos, and join us next time in the Music Box for more excellent stuff!

Originally posted by Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the MUSIC BOX team.

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