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Communication Breakdown

Communication Breakdown

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Communication Breakdown

What we have here, is a communication breakdown (or something like that) in the latest Secret Diary adventure scheduled over WhatsApp.

Earlier this week, we mentioned that any interviews would now need to be arranged over WhatsApp, due to the lockdown regulations and us not having enough Scotch eggs to go around.

Immediately following that announcement, a girl called Michelle phoned up (well contacted us via WhatsApp Web actually), and would have liked to have started pretty soon if possible, no doubt to grab a little of the Christmas rush.

We arranged a WhatsApp sesssion for the next day, at any time of our choice according to Michelle, so we arranged it for the crack of 10am.

Interview Details:

Interviewee – Michelle

Location – Newark

Interview partner – anyone that decided to poke their nose in at the office.

We’d initially given up trying to contact Michelle, as her phone number (the one from WhatsApp) was not working.

Following a call from her on Monday evening though, she pointed out that the WhatsApp number was from her old phone, and we should contact her on this new number.

With that, we made the arrangements for the following day and left it at that.

Interviewee details:

Not having met her, these details are just estimations from the photos she sent over.

She seemed to be mid-20’s, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and Italian/Columbian – NOT Romanian as we originally thought.

Had previously worked for a Sheffield agency but had relocated now to Newark.

The Interview

10 o’clock came and went, so we gave her a call to see what was happening.

Oh sorry, I came in to work, and I’ll do my interview at 4pm if that’s ok?

We reluctantly agreed to this, still not remarking on her total disregard for punctuality, even for a phone interview!

At three minutes to four, we received the following sequence of messsages, over WhatsApp:

WhatsApp Communication

Quick breakdown of the above messages:

Three minutes to four, we received three quick-fire messages from Michelle.

Leaving it, and leaving it again, we finally replied at around 5.20pm saying that we were now preparing a meal.

Immediately after, a reply that she’s be home at 7pm. So I don’t know, maybe Michelle was doing a round trip to Skegness for an eye-test?

By now, she was seven hours late for her WhatsApp inteview, so we span the obscure line ‘we’ll be in touch’.

Absolutely shocking attitude from a girl attending a phone interview, and we dread to think how long a real client would be waiting had we taken her onto the staff list.

There will be no surprise to learn then, that Michelle from Newark will not be joining us.

We couldn’t have a post with the title ‘communication breakdown’ without playing the Led Zeppelin song of the same name (which is why we chose it actually).

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this latest Secret Diary post, and if YOU wanted to apply, just fill in the application form.

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the SECRET DIARY team.


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