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Community Sevice August 2022 Edit

Community Service August 2022

Community Service
1. Community Service August 2021
2. Community Service September 2021
3. Community Service December 2021
4. Community Service August 2022
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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Community Service August 2022

We’ve been making a few changes for you in our latest community service August 2022 post, all of which are highlighted here.

The first thing that we found was that most of the images had stopped working throughout the website on certain browsers, both mobile and desktop versions.

This was due to something called ‘Unique CSS’ being applied to all posts and pages throughout the website, which had the undesirable effect of stripping out all of the image lightboxes if you clicked on any of the images.

Luckily our Litespeed Cache plugin  had a setting to stop Unique CSS from being generated, so with a couple of clicks in the back-end and some thorough testing, all of the images are now working normally.

In all of the following videos clicking on the image will take you straight to the repaired post.

Now over to the community service August 2022 updates:

This first item was really annoying due to the fact that YouTube decided to restrict it to over 18’s.

We resolved this by hosting the video ourselves so that there is no more being re-directed to YouTube.

You can now watch the whole series of ‘Happy Hookers’ directly on the Midlands Maidens website.

This one was evading us for some time, but the first ‘Special Sauce’ video – the one where MarssyX receives some room 101 special sauce on her CoCo-Pops has now been restored.

Again the video is now self-hosted just in case the powers that be decide to remove it again.

The original ‘Slave 105’ post has now been converted into a ‘Directors Cut’ after we found all of the videos on Porn FD.

The original website that they came from, Motherless decided to remove all but one of the videos from their platform.

Now though, a full six-video Lord of the Rings length Directors Cut with many extra scenes shows the pain, humiliation and degradation of a contracted Japanese toilet slave.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our latest community service post, and remember to advise us if your favourite video is no longer working when we will try our hardest to find a working version for you.

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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