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Community Service December 2021

Community Service December 2021

Community Service
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3. Community Service December 2021
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Last Updated on Sunday, March 12, 2023

Community Service December 2021

It’s looking like this will be the last post before the Festive Season, so welcome to our festive community service December 2021.

We’ve got a lot lined up for you this time, as in addition to adding and repairing videos in the COMMUNITY FORUM, we’ve also been kept busy with hosting our own videos inside a few posts, as Google decided to restrict them to over 18’s.

Nighty Night Series 2

Again written by and starring Julia Davies, if anything series two is even darker than the first series as Jill finds Kathy on the south coast, then just happens to murder/poison/rape anyone and anything that gets in her way.

The rest of our community series December 2021 consists of replacing videos that had stopped working, or finding replacement videos.

ALL of the videos in the forum work fine now (YouTube ones had decided to show a static image rather than the video) and we’ve started replacing videos from dodgy websites that just don’t work anymore.

Here we go then with the replacements:

High-Class Call Girls will be a popular replacement as we’re still getting search terms for Emily B and Cookie Jane turning up regularly.

Here is the full documentary for you:

Hookers Hustlers Pimps and their Johns is another video that has been replaced, so any searches for ‘Mistress Scarlet’ will now end up on the full video.

Here again, is the replacement documentary:

For the final two replacement videos, we pop over to the forum.

She-Devil is a stunning comedy starring Rosanne Barr and Ed Begley Junior where Rosanne loses out to Ed’s womanising.

Enjoy this wonderful film:

Now we’ve got a director’s cut for you which goes on for nearly four hours.

Kill Bill The Whole Bloody Affair was marketed as a full film comprising the two original films with many extra scenes.

Enjoy watching this extravaganza!

We’ve just managed to get this community service December 2021 out for Christmas and we hope that you will enjoy your Christmas dinner whilst watching the films.

It just remains for us to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and we’ll look forward to meeting you after the holidays!

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