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Community Service September 2021

Community Service September 2021

Community Service
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2. Community Service September 2021
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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Community Service September 2021

Welcome to our Community Service September 2021 Forum Expansion post, revealing all that’s new in the community forum.

This month, we’ve got the first part of a new series that should have you rolling into fits of laughter, we have a fantastic film made in the eighties, that is a remake of many others yet edges them all out, and we have a few repaired files from movie channels that had stopped working.

Here then is what’s happening this month:

1) Nighty Night:

Nighty Night is a comedy series that should not be watched by ‘woke’ or politically correct viewers, as it takes the piss out of every fetish and illness going.

Written by and starring Julia Davis (a mid-twenties woman with a love for life and a flexible spine), Nighty Night is a darker than dark comedy that explores every gold-digging taboo fetish imaginable and places them into a soap opera.

2) 1984:

So why all the accolades over a remake of a film that was originally made in 1956?

Normally we’d agree with you, but this version of George Orwell’s 1984 is the definitive version that was actually filmed in London at the exact time and date that was envisaged by the author.

Starring John Hurt, Suzanna Hamilton, and a performance by Richard Burton well befitting of his final film outing, 1984 shows the perpetual war between three continents that is designed to keep all inhabitants apart from the privileged few, just below the breadline.

3) Quiz:

Quiz is a film/series that was based on real characters, notably Charles and Diana Ingram who appeared on the ITV game show, ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’.

Wonderful performances from Matthew Macfadyen (Charles) and Sian Clifford (Diana) as the ‘coughing major’ and his wife, and also Martin Sheen who played the show’s presenter – Chris Tarrant.

Did they cheat? You decide!

That’s all from this week’s community service post, and all of the items mentioned can be found in the community forum in the MOVIES section.

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