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This time in Room 101, we’re showing a run of FOUR videos that have ‘competitions’ as their theme. This is not for the squeamish or faint-hearted!

Our first video is from Club Dom, and shows three dominatrixes having a ball-busting competition on some poor slave who just happened to be around.

There are some really sensitive punishments carried out on this poor guy, and the doms seem to get concerned when he gets a hard-on during their administration.

This is soon sorted out though, as some even more lethal bull-busting is carried out until his hard-on is tamed:

We know what you were thinking – what happens to the guy following his ball-busting session?

This second video goes some way to explaining all of that as we go behind the scenes (and behind the dominatrix’s prison) to see how the slave is treated.

His reward for getting a hard-on in the first session is to get handcuffed behind his back and dragged around the back of his prison to get tortured with an electric oven lighter and then have his head shaved so that the doms can number him on his head:

Staying with Club Dom, we go now to a new location and a new scenario.

Our third video shows two dominatrixes in control of three slaves, who have their cocks and balls tied up to each other in a triangle formation.

The idea of this competition is that when the doms give the word, the poor slaves must pull hard against each other until one of them collapses – this one is the loser.

The loser then is forced to stand up straight, and is subjected to multiple ball-kicks for being the loser of their cruel competition:

Turning the tables a little now, we go over to Japan, where weird shit competitions are a regular occurrence.

Our fourth video is set in some kind of TV studio, comprising of a score keeper (anyone knowing how the scores are calculated please get in touch, as we haven’t got a clue), a bloke with a carpet beater, and three girls who are going to see how many spanks they can take.

One girl drops out near-enough straight away, but to claim third prize, she needs to wait until the competition is over, and then get pissed on and creampied by the guy with the carpet beater.

Only in Japan would this get airtime – see if you agree:

And that’s all for our competitions post.

We hope that you enjoyed it, and that it gave you a few ideas of what to do in private, or in public, with your friends or other halves.

Join us next time in Room 101 for more extreme fetish videos!

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the FETISH team.


Lead image by Bondage Sex XXX

Videos 1 and 4 by XVideos

Video 2 by Heavy-R

Video 3 by XHamster

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