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The Midlands Maidens Preloader/Screensavers Gallery

Now a firm favourite with our viewers, we present all of the images used in our original preloader gallery, and the later lead image gallery, in chronological order from the first-ever one used, the opening curtains, up to the present.

We hope that you enjoy this little distraction from the main website, and we look forward to seeing all of your screensavers, mouse-mats and calendars adorned with our preloaders 🙂

Desktop Images

Pennywise Preloader

Pennywise Preloader

Preloader Girl

Preloder Girl

Preloader Curtains

preloader curtains

Mobile Screensavers

The introductory gallery page at Midlands Maidens, using images supplied with thanks from MeWe and WallHere. V-Kontact,, and many other sources of which there are too many to mention.

For videos, please check out our Future Echoes page.

Please consider subscribing to these channels if you’ve enjoyed viewing these photographs, and who knows – yours might be the next photo that we feature!

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