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Is there a feature that you’re missing on this website?

Time for your voice to be heard!

If you have any ideas on new features, blog post content, or even some new tottie that you’d like to see 🙂 ‘leave a reply’ in our comment box below.

If one of your ideas is chosen, we will give you full credit in the post or item.

Just a couple of things:

  1. You can now add images and videos into your comments, just ‘choose file’ for your image, or add a video address to show your video.
  2. Just in case there ARE spammers trying to sell shoes and sunglasses, all ideas need to be moderated

Other than that, you can become a suggestions star with Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts!


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    1. Admin Reply: Good point Steve, we’ve never had that photo as a screensaver!
      We’ll put it up this week as a prelude to Easter Weekends’ screensaver.

  1. A Brief Comment on the SoapGirls…

    You might have noticed that we have ‘pulled’ all videos of the SoapGirls from our youtube channel, and removed the post about them from the Music Box.


    Here’s a message that we received from them on Sunday morning:

    this is really UNCOOL please remove our content from ALL your sites whilst we are about freedom for all part of our message is against the commercialized sexualization of woman more than this as a completely DIY band we think its morally wrong to use musicians in this manner. Sadly its shit like this that makes us realise that bringing our fans into the whole process of our music is probably not best. Please remove this and everything concerning our band. Our big issue being that you are a porn site and we really are unhappy about the association its against everything we stand against.

    After a little de-cyphering of this message as the puctuation was really UNCOOL-ly poor, we’d like to add the following observations:

    1) Midlands Maidens is NOT a porn site. Sure there are a few posts from our Room 101 section on there showing porn, but this was created with the express permission of our girls, who wanted to give any clients coming onto the website something to watch whilst waiting for them to arrive. Plus of course, all content in that section is age-gated for over 18s only. We are sure that a few of our girls would LOVE to take you on regarding Midlands Maidens being a porn site.

    2) The ‘commercialized sexualization of woman’ quote is a little off the mark, don’t you think? Apart from spelling everything with more than two syllables in that last quote wrongly, what else are we to assume that by prancing about with no brassieres and ‘gaffa-tape’ panties that you are NOT promoting the commercialised sexualisation of women yourselves? (note that we spelt it correctly there.)

    3) ‘Sadly its shit like this that makes us realise that bringing our fans into the whole process of our music is probably not best.’ This was the shocker. Aside from the fact that these videos were uploaded to the public domain for anyone to use freely, you now say that ‘bringing our fans into the process of the music is probably not best?’ This to our minds is that you treat your fans with the utter contempt that they deserve, and even though these videos were freely uploaded (by yourselves), the fans should not watch them, as the ‘freedom of speech’ laws obviously don’t apply in South Africa.

    We’ll leave you to get on with your prancing around on Facebook and YouTube, stealing money from those fans that you dislike so much, with your 100 viewers, and commercially sexulisating yourselves, and good luck for the future!

    1. Can’t see why you promoted them in the first place – two spoilt girls trying to sound like Jonny Rotten and as been mentioned before, turned off after five mins

      1. Admin reply:
        Yes guys, on this occasion it looks like we got it wrong, and the @soapgirlsofficial was added in the poorest taste, from poor performers, who can’t spell very well.
        We’ve got some better stuff appearing soon, that we just KNOW you’re going to enjoy!

    1. Hi Ralph,
      Yes, all that started happening from around Thursday night when we’d added a new assets manager.
      Thanks for letting us know and your input is most welcome as usual!

    1. Hi Ralph,
      Never fails to amaze us how something that’s so popular gets overlooked in a website redesign.
      We’ve now added a new search bar in a prominent place on the front page.
      Thanks for helping!

    1. Thanks for the info, SWL Photographic.
      We’ve added a replacement now where the slave gets tortured THREE times instead of once, as it seems that Spankbang have had their videos of Ella removed.

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