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corona virus hoax

Corona Virus Hoax?

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Corona Virus Hoax?

By now, everyone that hasn’t been in a deep sleep for the past year will know about COVID-19. We are now calling this out as the Corona Virus Hoax.

“That’s a little cruel, isn’t it? Calling this pandemic a hoax?”

Well not really, no.

Considering the effects of common or garden ‘normal’ influenza, the Corona Virus is a little boy by comparison.

“What about all this panic buying in all of the shops?”

Panic buying is being carried out by daft lemmings who just follow the crowd, reckoning that rolls of toilet paper will save them from a nuclear holocaust.

Bit silly to suggest that?

Not as silly as the panic buying! And let’s face it, if the population are doing all of the panicking, that leaves the government a free hand to do as it wishes.

“But the army have just taken over in London, haven’t they?”

Yep, straight out of ‘1984’, but this is essential to keep the virus at the tops of people’s minds and an attempt to prove the Corona Virus hoax is unreal – before everyone realises it.

“So why have Midlands Maidens closed the incalls then?”

Purely to keep everyone happy really – but we still maintain that all of this is a hoax. Plus it gives the cleaners a couple of weeks off.

Consider the following video from YouTube by Dr Vernon Coleman:

We’ll be going back to Doctor Coleman a little later, for an update to this video.

Meanwhile, we’ll go over to Doctor Henry Kissinger for a topical meme:

The Herd

Our main concern here, is how the government with it’s corona virus hoax will eventually turn this into euthanasia for every British citizen over the age of 70, with no testing for the virus unless they fall ill whether that be from flu, from a cold, or indeed from the corona virus.

It’s strange how the official ‘records’ for influenza have disappeared and have now been replaced by partial records for the corona virus – partial as there are no tests unless you catch it.

We’ll return now to Doctor Vernon Coleman for his update on the Corona Virus Hoax:

So there you have it.

Do you think that the Corona Virus and it’s sounding of the death knoll, is in fact a hoax?

For those of you that are really worried, check out any health page on the Nottingham Evening post website and pop your postcode into the corona virus box to check the fatalities since the start of the outbreak.

Small drop in the ocean, yes?

Wonder how many people have died from flu in the same period?

We’d like to comment on that, but the government have hidden the figures.

The comments in this news item are our own, and we invite you to reply to them in the comment box.

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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