covid recruitment

COVID Recruitment

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

COVID Recruitment

It’s business as usual at Midlands Maidens, despite the subtle name change, and this includes our COVID recruitment schedule.

First, though, a little insight to share with you:

Apart from the aforementioned name change from Midlands Maidens to Nottingham Escorts, the reasons for this being in a previous post, you will have noticed the ‘self typing search suggestions’ box that is plonked right above the search box.

We added a ‘girls’ suggestion, an ‘areas’ suggestion, and a ‘blog posts’ suggestion, but the most genius suggestion in there was a complete throwaway suggestion of: ‘search for fetish posts for a wank’.

Checking up this morning on our list of user searches then, it was no surprise to find 23 searches for ‘fetish’ and ‘fetish post’, meaning that in the last week alone, the Nottingham Escorts website has milked over half a pint of spunk out of our viewers!

wanking covid recruitment

Trivia time over, we come to the main event of our COVID recruitment schedule.

There are a few videos doing the rounds, so let’s break into last years recruitment drive video, showing all of the qualities, traits and bad habits to avoid when applying for a position here:

The factors in the above video all still reign supreme, and will always do so:

  • There will never be any exploitation or pimping allowed,
  • Drug use and misuse of alcohol is severely frowned upon,
  • You should be a normal person who wants to make money, gain a career, secure a future for yourself, and do this kind of work because you choose to.

Let’s take a look at our latest recruitment video, which emphasises this:

In this latest video, there is a point made that this business is a highly lucrative one.

With ‘highly lucrative’ though, comes great responsibility, in that you must ALWAYS be available if you’re working as a ‘called-on’ escort – otherwise, someone else will take your job.

There are not many rules at Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts, but one that we insist on with paramount importance is that if you’ve ‘called-on’, and then refuse to take calls for clients, we WILL take you off for anything up to a month for repeat offenders, followed by the sack if we decide that you really cannot be helped.

The rule above never really needs to be enforced and is mainly for the ‘daft tarts’ girls who want money for nothing.

The above rule also follows for applicants wanting to join us in that we state on the application form, the best time to give you a call regarding your application.

We give three separate rings, and if there’s no answer, you get dumped in the bin with the other ‘daft tarts’.

Further information can be found in the post on ‘Reliability Girls’.

Finally, we come to our last video, regarding the latest Midlands Maidens Receptionist.

This video needs to have ‘closed captions’ enabled as it’s originally in German.

To activate ‘Captions’ on a PC/Laptop:

Hover over the playing video and enable them by clicking the ‘captions’ icon at the bottom.

To activate ‘Captions’ on a mobile device:

Get the video playing, then click on the three white dots at the bottom right, and click onto ‘enable captions’.

So that’s about it for this round-up on our COVID recruitment schedule.

Put simply, it’s business as usual, meaning just fill in the application form and if you get a reply, stick to the time arranged by you for a call-back.

Not all girls will get a call-back due to them being unsuitable for working as an escort or using stolen photos in their application forms.

We look forward to meeting those of you that DO get a call-back, however, and look forward to creating a whole new career for you!

Originally published on Nottingham Escorts at Midlands Maidens by the NEWS team.


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