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Covid Scam

Covid Scam

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Last Updated on Monday, September 26, 2022 by Midlands Maidens

Covid Scam

We’d just like to show a few official figures, which to our mind proves that the latest ‘tiers’ system is a total governmental covid scam.

Before we start though, a few pertinent observations:

We have NEVER subscribed to the fact that COVID-19 actually exists, though we realise that many people DO believe in it’s existance, and we have adjusted our working methods accordingly.

Ok, so Boris has had ‘covid’, Trump has had ‘covid’, but it’s really strange that both of those high profile politicians contracted this ‘virus’, just when it was appropriate for them to do so – Boris in the middle of Brexit negotiations, and Trump in the middle of his presidential debates.

That would make it the ‘virus of convenience’ then?

Both Boris and Trump were back in action a few days later, praising their respective health workers for their care and consideration in looking after them.

And of course we had Dominic Cummings buggering off to Barnard Castle for an eye-test, which no-one believed anyway.

So onto the facts:

We actually managed to find some influenza figures from 2019 on the GOV.UK website, hidden away in some dark corner, but here they are for you to ponder over:

Influenza 2019 Stats

We don’t expect you to make much sense out of that graphic, but take note of the rising curve, suggesting that the influenza rates are growing higher during week 51 (and presumably for week 52).

And so on to Covid:

This is the infographic from week 51 THIS year, which wraps COVID-19 and influenza all together:

Covid Cases 2020

Complicating it even further by making tables for pillar one and pillar two, just compare the two curves from the first image, and then from the second image, showing that there is no difference at all between the two years, in fact if anything, the first image seems to have more recorded infections than the second image.

The reason for this is obviously that Winter is setting in, nothing more, nothing less, and there is nothing unusual in either set of figures.

So What’s the Covid Scam?

Well only this week, the government again moved the goalposts, by announcing a new ‘tier 4’ for Scotland, Wales, London and the South-East, decimating Christmas for families in those areas.

But what about this vaccine?

To provide a vaccine, you’ve got to have something to vaccinate against, and as mentioned earlier, we have never subscribed to the fact that COVID-19 exists.

However the new ‘tier 4’ is for a new strain of COVID-19 that is even more contagious than the old strain.

Something sounding funny yet?

Frankly, we’re not sure exactly what the covid scam is, or will be, we all need to wait for the bigger picture which will engulf us all by Easter – or next Christmas – depending on how long these vaccines take to act.

One thing that we’re certain of though, is that the covid scam is a reality, and by this time next year, we’ll know exactly what it is.

**Urgent update**

We found this video knocking about on Christmas morning, on Facebook, confirming our suspicions outlined above:

The Facebook video has now been made ‘private’ so that as few people as possible can see it.

That doesn’t stop us though, as we’ve hosted it ourselves.

With both of the videos below, Please make sure that your ‘ad block’ software (on mobile, laptop or desktop pc) is activated to prevent dodgy websites accessing your devices!

View the original video, and we’ve also added one about an American nurse, Tiffany Dover, who had the vaccine live on TV and died shortly after:

The original Covid Scam video:

The Tiffany Dover video:

There is no doubt in our mind that these ‘vaccines’ for COVID-19 are a scam – let’s face it, the government was prompting pregnant mothers to have thalidomide injections not 40 years ago, and we all know where thalidomide ended up – all kids with shrunken limbs and learning disabilities.

Or would they rather that we forget about that too?

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