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Cron Jobs and Search Terms

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Cron Jobs and Search Terms

We’re going a bit techie with this post and explaining about cron jobs and what they do, plus a few more weird search terms.

Those of you that can’t be arsed to do ‘techie’ can just scroll down and find the photos.

What are Cron Jobs?

We had problems earlier this week with one of our cron jobs packing up, but what exactly is a cron job?

Well a cron is a bit of code that schedules some sort of activity to run, such as contact forms being sent over to our email, or even our Twitter feed widget updating properly. A cron JOB is an activity itself.

In a Content Management System like Joomla, Drupal or WordPress this is set up to run automatically.

If you wanted to save on resources though, and stop your hosting company from sending nasty emails, the best solution is to set up a REAL cron job.

This usually means that you need to add a small code snippet into your file manager to disable the default cron, then add a new cron job into the cron manager.

Our code snippet got misplaced, and once it got re-added things fired up almost immediately.

Anyone needing the code snippet, or the cron jobs script itself, can either look it up on the interwebs or contact us here at Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts and you can borrow ours. Kind, aren’t we?

Search Terms

Some right weird search terms this week, some of which got redirected to our cats’ video, and some that got redirected to live posts.

Some of those redirected to the cats video include ‘Gemma’, ‘Transexual’ and ‘Filming’, whilst some of those redirected to a live post were ‘’, ‘die(‘z!a’.’x’)’ (obviously from a  Ukrania scammer), /core/file/uploadpicturebase64 (another scammer) and a weird one – ‘reality check: do footballers get paid for internationals?’. We would suggest that you try this last search on the BBC where they may well have the answer!

The problem now is, that those trying a search for Gemma, Transexual, or Filming will get redirected to THIS post instead, so for those of you that wanted to see the cats video, CLICK HERE.


For those of you that have read through all the techie stuff, or for those that just scrolled down to here in the first place, we thought we’d add a few photos of girls getting their kit off in the woods.

So for all the voyeurs reading, this item is for you!

We hope that you enjoyed our more-techie-than-usual post and that we redeemed ourselves with the photos of girls getting their kit off in the woods.

See you next time!


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