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Decimation Pt2

Decimation Pt2

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Decimation Pt2

With the Christmas period now having relented, we move our priorities towards those girls that are perpetually un-available with Decimation Pt2.

In addition to Angelina and Jessica, who clients have already forgotten about due to those girls perpetually breaking promises to clients and going incognito until turning up again a couple of weeks later, we now add another couple of girls to the list of ex-Maidens that will need to go through the shame of re-interviewing should they wish to return.

Christine is the first of the girls to fall under our decimation axe, who despite returning with all guns blazing to re-assure one of our regular clients towards the end of last year, has not been available since – meaning that she will now be removed from the staff list pending a re-interview.

Katherine was the girl we got in to replace Christine, initially stepping in to carry out the occasional appointment for us, but now like the other three girls has made herself impossible to work with due to ‘selective hearing’ and other incognito problems. She will again be removed from the staff list pending a re-interview.

Like Angelina and Jessica, Christine and Katherine were removed following a meeting of a quorum of staff members who voted unanimously for their removal and downed a couple of glasses of prosecco to seal the deal.

Following our Decimation Pt2 project, we now obviously have room for a couple of new girls to replace them.

It must be made plainly clear that it takes a lot to come under scrutiny of the other staff, and only in extreme cases will this happen, due to the girls working for this agency being fiercely loyal to our objectives of having the lowest agency fees in the UK, and not having these squandered by silly mistakes committed by certain individuals.

We’ll be writing a post in the next few days outlining our latest 2020 recruitment drive, but in the meantime if YOU fancied giving it a go, we’d love to hear from you.

We don’t take too many girls on, preferring to keep our band of staff-members as the primary selection of local escorts, but we are looking out for a couple of blondes, a couple of brunettes, maybe a readhead, and a lollicon or two, to keep us stacked up with professional girls.

No experience is necessary, but looking immaculate would stand you in great stead with our clients, who are looking for an unbeatable experience with girls aged between 18 and 40.

If you reckon that you fit the bill, then please get in touch by phoning us on 07983-910-208 or by filling in the application form on the ESCORT JOBS page.

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