Deposits Reviews and Wrath

Deposits Reviews and Wrath

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Last Updated on Sunday, August 20, 2023

Deposits Reviews and Wrath

This post was designed to be informative and give us the opportunity for a rant. Please read all about our Deposits, Reviews and Wrath.

We’ve added a couple of ‘further reading’ posts down at the bottom – one from our own website, and one from an outfit called The Velvet Rooms who are a Swiss escort agency, which like Midlands Maidens has a notable blogging system.

It’s looking like the easiest way to put this all into print, is to separate the items into three sections, one for deposits, one for reviews, and the final ‘wrath’ one which is more of a rant on our part.

With all of that sorted, here we go!


Regrettably, paying a deposit for first-time clients has now become a normality for those wanting to arrange an appointment with a Midlands Maiden.

A deposit (usually £60) is requested from the client, who should call us back (after he has spoken to the girl) and arrange to pay the refundable deposit by bank transfer, or by using one of his cards.

The girl will then arrive at his chosen time and only £100 will be payable, as he will have already paid £60.

We’re actually finding that a lot of clients prefer to pay the whole £160 as a deposit, to save them going out to find an ATM!

Our deposit system will only apply to first-time customers, as on subsequent bookings we can then term them as ‘regulars’.

To prove our point on this:

Earlier this year, a ‘client’ called us and asked to be put through to one of the girls.

He didn’t want to do a bank transfer so that ‘his missus wouldn’t find out’.

Seeing as he could have put anything that he liked on the payment reference, we knew straight away that this was rubbish, so we just hung fire for a couple of hours to see what he would come up with.

Are you on WhatsApp?

…messaged the client.

We are indeed!

…replied us.

I’ll send you a photo of the room when I check in,,,

…said the client.

So a little later, along came this…

Travelodge Room Nottingham
Room 603 Send the girl over straight away!

So immediately after we received this generic photo message of a room in the Travelodge, we phoned up and said…

Yes, it looks like a really nice room, but could you take a photo of your booking details?

The reply came…

Right, forget it!

And that dear readers, is how you fuck up someone who refuses to pay a refundable deposit, that had no intention of being there in the first place.


We’ve published a few reviews just lately, but the reviewers seem to be making things difficult for themselves.

After every review is published, we send a message to the reviewer on the phone that was used to make the appointment that:

Thank you for your review on (girl x).

You now qualify for a £20 discount on your next booking with (girl x)

Most of the time, the client loves that he’s getting a discount on his next appointment with his reviewed girl, but the occasional client will ask for a discount on the next girl that he books, rather than the girl that he’s seen and reviewed.

Please note that unless the girl sent over to you was absolutely awful (which will not happen) you will only get a discount on your previously reviewed girl.

The Wrath:

Occasionally we will get clients that are too ‘up themselves’ and consider that their own business takes priority over our business.

Fair enough, we can understand that, but we’re betting that any defaulters of their businesses would get a short, sharp shock prior to being sued.

The amnesty that we are offering to these business owners is that ‘of course, you can continue to make appointments with Midlands Maidens’ but with one caveat:

All of these business owners (four of them at the last count) will need to pay the FULL FEE for their appointments prior to it happening, and any lateness by these business owners will be deducted accordingly, provided that the girl has announced to the office that she has arrived.

We hope that you’ve digested all of the information on deposits, reviews and wrath, and more comments on deposits and reviews can be found below.

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.

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