designed by heatmaps

Designed by Heatmaps

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Designed by Heatmaps

Mobile and tablet users will have noticed a slightly new design today. This is due to a new toy we’re using as the content is now designed by heatmaps.

We’ll get onto the new design later, but first of all, what is a heatmap?

A heatmap just puts lots of dots onto your screen, so that you can see what’s been looked at, and what’s been clicked onto.

The dots turn green, through orange, through red, depending on how many times someone has looked or clicked onto something.

Let’s check out a quick example:

Model without heatmap

The photo above is of an H&M model on a beach.

Wondering exactly which part of the photo you concentrated on?

Let’s take a look at the heatmap:

Heatmapped Model | Designed by Heatmaps

As you can see clearly now, the FACE gets the most attention (which is what we keep telling our girls), then the tits, and finally the pussy (or arse).

Then you can imagine the eyes drifting back up to the tits again, and then staying focused on the face.

There are a couple of lingering eyes drifting towards a couple of text links on the photo, but it’s mainly the girl’s face that the visitor is sticking to.

Hey, that’s really interesting but how does it help with the design?

Well, it’s really easy to check out what people are looking at when your website is designed by heatmaps.

Especially the mobile versions!

We activated the heatmaps yesterday and seeing as mobile visits are about equal to PC visits, we concentrated on the mobile version.

First off, we noticed that the mobile menu took a bit of a hammering (which was to be expected), but from there it was Louise’s bum, Mimi’s tits, and Victoria and Samantha’s whole picture that got people’s attention.

After that came the pricing and rates image, and the all-inclusive image that people were clicking on, so we thought we’d add a little bit of new design into the action.

The New Mobile Blog

We added a little blog section down at the bottom for mobile and tablet users following our checks this morning, and that together with the ‘trending topics’ seem already to be proving popular with mobile visitors.

Does any of my info get captured?

No, none whatsoever.

All that happens is that we get green through orange through red icons on what you’re looking at and clicking, but other than that, no private information is delivered to us.

We hope that you enjoyed this post about heatmaps and that you realise it’s not all about looking at tits and arses, it’s also a useful marketing tool to see what the visitors want!

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