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Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Well, usually they are yes unless the girl is an applicant for Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts with the usual poor showing from VIP, Callgirls Confidential, Elite Diamonds, and most of the other incarnations of agencies that post fake photos of their girls.

Well, that’s the story anyway, even though after a glance through VIP escorts in Nottingham, you know, the agency that INSISTS it’s nothing to do with Elite Diamonds, or CGC, she’s there as bold as brass – well as bold as brass as fake photos can be.

Call now to book the date you will never forget

…it says on their website. Well, you certainly won’t forget it, we’ll give em that.

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Interview Location – The Gateway

Interview Time – 7 pm

Applicant’s Name – ‘Lucy’

The meeting started well, with Lucy turning up ten minutes early. From there on in though, it failed quite badly.

Lucy was a 5’4″ mixed-race girl, 25 years old, 32E bust and size 14 if she was a day. We said ‘size 10’ in our polite estimations, and she said that she could go with that but it’s ‘a bit tight’. Yes, we could see that Lucy, but we didn’t want to offend.

Virtually no eye-contact whatsoever, and quite frankly we felt a little uneasy around her, meaning that a client would feel uneasy.

We moved onto her chosen name, and she immediately piped up with ‘Lucy’ – ‘I always choose Lucy’ – which made it easy to find her on VIP.

We worked out that Lucy was a blatant ‘Agency Hopper’ (probably between the three aforementioned agencies as we’re pretty sure Feline wouldn’t touch her), or maybe even the part-owner of one of the previous agencies on a spying mission.

Anyway, time now for the application photos – two of which had Snapchat filters added, and two that showed Lucy in all her (sic) glory:

Our phone call around an hour later confirmed our way of thinking.

On being told that we wouldn’t be representing her, no arguments, no indications as to why she wasn’t being taken on, just an ‘ok then, goodnight’. Which made it all very easy for us!

We hope that you enjoyed this latest Secret Diary post and we’ll see you soon with more of the same!

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