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Dirty Princess – Vigilan

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Last Updated on Monday, August 21, 2023

Dirty Princess – Vigilan

Dirty Princess is an electro-disco-punk band from Madrid – or at least they were until their break-up in 2015 through ‘personal differences’.

The sound, combined with image and performance made for quite disturbing live shows, and Dirty Princess took their inspiration from a ‘Roman decadence spirit’, their shows being a visual orgy and difficult to go un-noticed.

‘The Dirties’ were acclaimed as the goddesses of electronic body trash and caused a commotion wherever they played.

They also had their own line of merchandising which included T-shirts, G-strings, knickers worn by the two girl members of the band, leather bracelets and condoms.

All pretty raunchy stuff then, and we are pleased to include them in our Music Box.

The two girls in the video are Nikky Schiller, and Yasmin Gate, and the video we chose was ‘Vigilan’, which goes ever so slightly over the top with a raunchy photoshoot and one of the girls masturbating with a cross.

One of the few videos we were able to find on any of the usual channels, this encapsulates perfectly what we look for in a Music Box post, and we hope that it meets with your approval – unless you’re a catholic of course 🙂

Here’s the video then – Dirty Princess with ‘Vigilan’:

We hope you enjoyed our trip into Spanish electronic synth-pop, and that the distractions were worth it!

Keep watching for more of the same from the Music Box.

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