Disney 101 Specials

Disney 101 Specials

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Last Updated on Saturday, July 8, 2023

Disney 101 Specials

Where would we be without a Disney film for Christmas? Enjoy our versions of Disney 101 Specials that are guaranteed to keep you watching!

RapunzelRapunzel Blowjob Disney 101 Specials

Rapunzel is a little pissed off that she needs to sit in her tower all day, so when she comes across a guy that wants more than to climb up her hair, she is only too happy to oblige:


Anna Elsa Bondage

Anna and Elsa have decided that they wanted to try out some lesbian bondage today, so armed with her ‘ice-cube magic’, watch as Elsa stuffs an ice-cube inside Anna’s bum:


The Queen’s Secret

This is a short animation from Dezmall who also has a Patreon channel at Dezmall if you wanted to check it out.

Queen Elsa decides to take out her rage on a newly captured slave, when Anna decides to walk in and tell her about the wonderful day she just had.

Watch as Elsa tries to keep her secret slave from Anna:

The Wizard of Oz

We finally come to the main event, as we show the naughty version of the Wizard of Oz in it’s entirety.

This is a live action film, parodying the original, and everyone (including the munchkin) gets a whole-hearted shag-fest.

Settle down with the popcorn and watch this final film in the fetish Disney 101 Specials for 2020:

We hope that you enjoyed our fetish trip into Disneyland for our Christmas Special here in Room 101.

Join us in the New Year for more fine fetish kinks that are given the Midlands Maidens treatment!

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