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End of Lockdown

End of Lockdown

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

End of Lockdown

May 17 sees the return to indoor hospitality, meaning we can all go for a drink without an umbrella. Is this really the end of lockdown?

Nobody knows really, least of all those overpaid and occasionally corrupt doctors in the WHO (World Health Organisation), so before we check out what effect the ‘end of lockdown’ will have in Midlands Maidens land, lets check out a short video made by someone in Australia, about all the great reasons to get the vaccine as soon as possible:

It’s plain to see from the above video (which might get deleted but we have plenty of copies) that this ‘vaccine’ is just scaremongering by various governments trying to force people to get one – even though no-one at all can tell you what you’ll be injected with.

We’re quite happy over here in just getting our flu jabs once a year and not bothering with rogue, untested covid jabs.

Anyway, on to the end of lockdown procedures at Midlands Maidens.

1) The New Procedures:

INCALLS form the basis of our new procedures, and from Monday May 17th, we will be taking bookings for these again.

This time though, we will be hiring out hotel rooms and the occasional serviced apartment, where the girl will meet you for your appointment.

The price for incalls remains the same at £170, but with paid-for rooms and apartments coming into play, you will need to pay a deposit for your appointment, the remainder of your fee being payable to the girl on your arrival.

We will be taking incall bookings from 12 mid-day up until 10pm and this will be strictly enforced. The only exceptions to the 10pm curfew will be for those clients that have booked overnight bookings, and dinner-date bookings with desert time. Costs for these types of appointments can be found on the PRICING PAGE.

Incall bookings will only be offered to REGULAR CLIENTS that have used Midlands Maidens within the last six months.

Anyone phoning up for an incall within half an hour will be laughed at by anyone in the office.

Keep it safe, keep it real, and you will find that a full Maidens Experience just oozes from your girl’s fingertips!

2) The New Recruitments:

Well it’s been a while – over a year in fact, since we were able to do a face-to-face interview.

On May 17th though, that all changes.

Interviews done by WhatsApp are all well and good, but looking through a few of the latest Secret Diary posts (and some others that we didn’t consider were worth an item in the blog), these phone interviews were decidedly dodgy that were snapped up by Agency Hoppers.

So to recap on what we require to put you out as a Maiden:

  • You should be punctual in attending your interview AND meeting clients.
  • You should be able to scrub up nicely even at stupid o’clock and get to your client within the hour.
  • You MUST have phone credit and be able to hide your number. Girls using WhatsApp to phone up clients or the agency will not be tolerated.
  • You should be at least 18 years old, but there is no upper age limit.
  • The above rules apply to ALL providers worth their salt – it’s just that we prefer to tell you about them in advance.

If you fancied giving this industry a go, pop over to our ESCORT JOBS page and fill in an application.

3) The New (same) Website:

We decided to have a play around with the website pre end of lockdown, and we’d got a cracking looking front page demo – the problem was that it slowed the website down by nearly four seconds.

You’ll now notice though that the old lead images are back, meaning that our SCREENSAVERS PAGE can breathe again.

We’re actually using a slider to show the lead images this time, but a slider that shows ONE lead image on a desktop, and a DIFFERENT lead image on a mobile phone, so that we only need to show the writing once.

We’re actually using the new sliders on two pages at present – the ABOUT US page, and the EXIT PAGE – but sadly it wasn’t to be for the homepage.

With that, it’s goodbye from Midlands Maidens this time – hands, face, space, no vaccines!

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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