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end of year revue

End of Year Revue, Midlands Maidens, 2017

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

The Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts End of Year Revue 2017

Doesn’t time fly? It doesn’t seem like a year has passed since we last wrote an end of year revue and we’re already on the brink of passing the baton over to 2018!

Plenty has happened in Nottingham escorts land over the last year though, so we’ll get on with authoring our official end of year revue for 2017.

Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts is now pushing on twelve years of operation, so we guess that you could say that we’re in it for the long term.

Other providers have come and gone, many using dubious methods that still mean that we won’t employ their ex-staff members, and only Midlands Maidens and Feline are reigning supreme.

We’ve seen a massive run of poor applicants in this last year, mostly trying to ‘jump ship’ from the aforementioned ‘providers’ that used dubious methods, some of which we’ve invited down for an interview (purely to see how the competition is floundering), and just as many of which we couldn’t even be arsed to interview due to them being genuinely poor escorts that wouldn’t get on anywhere else whilst they have a hole in their arse.

Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts though are holding to their original concepts, in that if a client is going to pay a three-figure sum for an appointment with an escort, he/she/they deserve a fair crack of the whip no matter which girl they choose, and streetwalkers are most definitely not welcome on our staff list.

These ‘genuinely poor’ escorts, be it through a rubbish attitude, selective hearing, poor paying in of agency fees, or fake photos, now have their little section in the Secret Diary – our new Membership Section – outlined later in this article.

Join Midlands Maidens Today!

Provided that you have no bad habits, rubbish attitude, selective hearing problems or other similar poor qualities that Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts does not allow, we would love to hear from you.

Get away from the types of poor providers mentioned above and get into next years’ end of year revue, and become a member of Nottingham’s elite escort agency by phoning us on 07983-910-208 or by filling in our application form on the JOIN US page.

The New Girls

We have had a couple of new Maidens joining us permanently over the past year though – namely Crystelle and Louise, who both make it into our 2017 end of year revue.

crystelleCrystelle was lovely to work with (when she was available) and it was this availability that eventually let her down. Girls don’t seem to realise that you MUST be available when the clientele is there. If they’re not available for any reason, the client is well within his rights to choose a different girl, which is what happened in Crystelle’s case. We left on good terms though, and should her availability improve, she would be welcome back.



Louise at Midlands Maidens Nottingham EscortsLouise is again lovely to work with, but like Crystelle she has availability problems. She is muddling through, but the chance of meeting a regular client is escaping her due to this. Once again we can see this arrangement not lasting, but we’ll leave this one in Louise’s own hands.


The Website

Again we’ve seen plenty of changes, but this time making the website more ‘minimal’. Saying that though, we’ve got a few new pages that are accessible from the Footer section that might be of interest:

Our RESOURCES section holds links to a whole manner of useful websites that might be of use to you sometime in the future.

Our STATISTICS page shows our latest visitors and a list of the pages that they’ve been viewing – highly useful information there for everyone.

By popular request, we added a UK NEWS page in addition to the Midlands Maidens News page, and the Secret Diary news page.

The SECRET DIARY is our new interview reviews section. Quite often in a news item, there may be items that need a few images or galleries to accompany them.

We’re about to stop the snow falling by the time you read this post – Christmas is over and it’s back to business as usual!

It’s been a real pleasure serving you up the finest elite Nottingham escorts from Midlands Maidens, and if this year goes as fast as the last one, we’ll be writing the end of year revue for 2018 by this time tomorrow!

It just remains to wish all our clients, past, present and future, a wonderful New Year and may your New Years Resolutions all come true.

Happy Bookings!


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