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Last Updated on Thursday, April 27, 2023


You’ll probably be wondering what this BIG RED X is that we’ve plonked on the website. Simply put, it’s an ESCAPE button!

We got this idea from a website called that has this same effect but sends you to a Google search page.

The reasoning behind this is that is a website for sufferers of domestic abuse, and if their abuser enters the room, the sufferer can click on the big red X and the page goes to a Google search, so that the abuser will not see what they were looking at.

The Midlands Maidens’s take on this takes it a whole step further.

Obviously, it can still be used for domestic abuse sufferers, but we felt that a more apt and realistic view was that the other half might stumble in, and see that one of our viewers was looking at escorts, or running through one of our Room 101 feeds.

If that were to happen, you would just click on the BIG RED X and it will open a new browser window, showing the front page of Amazon UK when you could just say that you were looking for a present for him or her.

Also if you were previously logged into your Amazon account, you would be logged in when the new browser window is opened (we’ve tried it), so all should be good.

You will then get showered with hugs and kisses, and probably get a good seeing to as well!

We’re probably cutting our own throats though, as Amazon will be getting our fee for the night :(

We hope that you will enjoy using our new button, and we’re having talks with Amazon right now so that we can get some commission on goods bought because of our escape button.

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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